Having Fun with Preschool Learning Letter by Letter

Remember when I confessed  that I’ve become a preschool curriculum hoarder?  I’ve acquired more since then and I’m thrilled to tell you about it!

Having Fun with Preschool Learning Letter by Letter

(I received a copy of this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
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Did I technically need something new for my little one? No, but I was super excited to check out Knowledge Box Central‘s preschool letter packs. Not surprisingly, Prissy and I have been blown away by it.

Preschool Learning Letter by Letter is the whole package! It’s fun, engaging, and packed with everything needed to teach letter recognition, letter sounds, and handwriting skills — basically everything you need from a preschool curriculum package!

Preschool Learning Letter by Letter Overview

  • It’s organized by letter, hence the name, Preschool Learning Letter by Letter.
  • There are multiple handwriting practice pages for each letter.
  • There are extras (mazes, puzzles, letter searches, letter stories, etc.) for each letter
  • Lapbook and notebooking pages are included for each letter.
  • Extension activities for each letter are included.  You can incorporate these as you wish, but this is a way to add science, math, social studies, and art activities as you cover each letter.
  • Read, Sing, and Play contains suggestions for reading, music, and play activities that correspond with each letter.
  • Snacks, crafts, and games aren’t left out!  There are options to go with each letter.
Preschool Learning Letter by Letter - The Letter Stories in Knowledge Box Central's Preschool Learning Letter by Letter are a great way to encourage letter recognition in prereaders.
Prissy loves these Letter Stories!

The first thing I noticed about Preschool Learning Letter by Letter is that it’s incredibly thorough!  When it comes to homeschool curricula, it’s easy to get caught up in the “am I doing enough?” ponderings. I think that’s especially true for the pressures of homeschooling preschool because you’re laying that all-important educational foundation.

Unlike most curricula I’ve used, no supplementing is needed here. Preschool Learning Letter by Letter has everything covered.  Truly, nothing more is needed.

Along the same lines, it’s an incredible value.  Even at full price, Preschool Learning Letter by Letter is a steal!  I’m no newbie when it comes to preschool curricula, but I’ve never opened up a file to find six hundred pages of preschool goodness waiting on me!

Six. Hundred. Pages.

That’s exactly what I discovered when I started exploring Preschool Learning Letter by Letter!  When I say there’s no need to supplement, I mean it.  You don’t need to spend extra money on other resources because you have everything in this curriculum package.  Once again, even at full price, it’s a no-brainer.

Download the Letter A sample pack here!

Get your sample of Preschool Letter by Letter by selecting Letter A under the drop down product box.

More about this preschool curriculum download

I also appreciate that there’s plenty to keep preschoolers of all ages and abilities engaged.  There are tracing practice options for preschoolers who are new to writing letters and options for those who are ready to move on to tracing words.

Preschool Learning Letter by Letter includes great music suggestions to go along with each letter.

Similarly, the extension activities are particularly nice for older preschoolers who are ready for more than the usual preschool topics like shapes, colors, and whatnot.  If your child isn’t ready for those activities, they can be left out without removing a huge chunk of the lesson plans for the week.  It’s easy to customize to fit your child’s needs or interests.

Our experience with Preschool Learning Letter by Letter

My three year-old Prissy gets the final say, though.  Friends, she loves this stuff!  She loves to sit down and “do school” like her brother; Learning Letter by Letter gives her plenty of table work to do, but not so much that she’s bored.  Although she’s on the younger end of preschool, she’s perfectly capable of keeping up with most of the activities that go along with each letter.

She also loves the Read, Sing, and Play suggestions that go with each letter!  The play suggestions were great to get her moving after a bit of table time while still encouraging her to focus on the letter.  The music suggestions are easy to access, fun, and catchy.  She loves those music videos!

Also worth noting here is that the book suggestions were easy to find in my local small-town-America library.  You don’t have to have huge libraries around or spend lots of money to purchase the books that are recommended.  Trust me, if my little library has them, yours most likely does too!

Preschool Learning Letter by Letter has lots of great ideas to get your preschooler moving and working on letter recognition at the same time!

Letter Hide and Seek has also been a big hit for her. She has come to look forward to that with every letter.  Don’t ever tell him I told you, but a certain 9 year-old who lives in my house is also a big fan of Letter Hide and Seek.  He’ll be mortified if he learns that I’ve told you, but it’s important to mention because you might just be able to include older siblings in some of these activities, too!

The important thing here is that Prissy has enjoyed everything about Preschool Learning Letter by Letter.  That makes my mom heart happy!  There has been no procrastination, no wailing, no gnashing of teeth.  She’s been eager to get started each day and is greatly benefiting from all that this curriculum package offers.  Knowledge Box Central has a home run with this one!

Check out a Preschool Letter by Letter sample!

Preschool Learning Letter by Letter Curriculum Package

If you’d like to learn more about Preschool Learning Letter by Letter, you can stop by Knowledge Box Central to get all the details.  

If you’re homeschooling a preschooler or even thinking about it, it’s definitely worth your consideration!

Not sure if you want to take the leap? Keep in mind that you can test out this curriculum a letter at a time since they’re available in individual letter units.  

In fact, Letter A is available for free!  Download it and take a peek for yourself.

In closing, I happily recommend these letter packs for anyone tackling preschool at home. They provide plenty of room for play and creativity, but also include helpful guidance for parents and fun letter recognition activities for reinforcement.

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  1. I have two pre-schoolers (age 3 and 4). Can I use this for both, meaning can I print off 2 sets of all the activities for each of them?

    1. Absolutely, when you purchase the program, you purchase it for one family use; not for one student. What you’re thinking would work perfectly!

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