Ultimate Guide to Preschool at Home

Need help with preschool at home? This Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Preschool has you covered with the information and resources you need to homeschool your preschooler.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Preschool

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I’ve been blessed to homeschool both of my kids from the very beginning, starting with their preschool years.  Today I’m happy to share suggestions and fantastic resources for homeschooling the preschool years.

Ultimate Guide to Preschool at Home

Homeschooling Preschool Posts

I love sharing our experiences with homeschooling preschool and passing along what worked well for our family. One of my favorite places to do that is here.  

Click the dropdown arrow below to see some of the preschool posts you’ll find here on the blog:

Important Things to Remember
for Preschool at Home

  • Don’t stress. Preschoolers learn naturally and will pick up more than you could ever plan simply by putting their observation skills to work.  There’s no need to stress over lesson plans and question whether you’re doing enough.  Let your preschooler guide you!
  • Enjoy your child. These years of early learning are fun, but they’ll fly by.  Enjoy these moments with your little one!
  • Don’t get pushy. Some kids are ready for preschool at 3 years-old, while some may be ready at five years-old.  Start by introducing elements of your preschool plans in small chunks.  Follow your child’s lead to know when it’s time to introduce more or pull back.
  • Preschool shouldn’t be expensive. Unless you just want to spend the money, there’s no reason homeschooling preschool should bust your family’s budget.  There are many high-quality, comprehensive, and affordable resources available for home education.
Ultimate Guide to Preschool at Home - Help for homeschooling preschool
  • Playtime matters. Your official school time each day doesn’t have to take long.  Much of preschool is feeding natural curiosity and helping your little one connect the dots around him.  While some of that takes time sitting down at the table, plenty of it can be picked up through play.
  • Read, read, and read. No pressure here, but reading to your child may be the most important thing you can do as you homeschool preschool.  

    Reading encourages language skills, listening, comprehension, curiosity, and a love for learning.  It’s a small thing to do for such big payoff!

Help for the Preschool Journey

While I read my fair share of blog posts and internet articles, books are where I turn when I want to absorb myself with information on a given subject.  Below are some book suggestions to help you as you journey through preschool at home.

No time for reading up on preschool at home?

Need the information, but just don’t have time to read up on homeschooling preschool right now? Consider listening to the following audiobooks dedicated to homeschooling preschool:

Curriculum Ideas for Preschool at Home

I’ve never been secretive about my tendency to hoard preschool curriculum.  Because of that, I’ve had ample opportunity to view, study, and use more preschool curricula than my two kids would ever actually need.

Ultimate Guide to Preschool at Home - Help for homeschooling preschool

All of my favorites are inexpensive programs that “let them be little” while encouraging a love for learning and laying solid educational foundation.  Here’s a look at some great curriculum options for homeschooling preschool.

God's Little Explorers - Preschool Curriculum for Homeschool

Preschool at Home with Pinterest

I love stashing homeschool ideas on Pinterest and I’ve got plenty of pins to show for it!  If you haven’t hit the preschool Pinterest goldmine yet, come along and pin with me.  I’m adding new pins to my preschool boards all the time!

If you’re looking for some specific preschool boards to follow, here are some with tons of preschool ideas to use in your homeschool:

Learning through Play

I don’t believe in overschooling, but I’m a big believer in uninhibited, unstructured play. Thankfully there are lots of activities and toys that pull double duty for playtime and preschool.  

These are a few of our favorites to have around:

Ultimate Guide to Preschool at Home - Help for homeschooling preschool

Arts & Crafts Resources for Preschoolers

Preschoolers LOVE to create!  Not a master artist? No worries, your preschooler doesn’t have to miss out on having fun with arts and crafts.  Not sure what resources to have on hand, projects to tackle, or posts to read?  The links below are perfect places to start!

Ultimate Guide to Preschool at Home - Help for homeschooling preschool

Educational Viewing

Hear me out, I’m not suggesting that you use the television or Roku for a babysitting service, but most likely there will be times where your preschooler is watching TV.  Why not use that viewing time to reinforce preschool concepts?  

Here are some suggestions for preschool-friendly educational programming:


  • SuperWhy 
  • Word World
  • Wallykazam!
  • Eggsperts*
  • LeapFrog Letter Factory

Math Skills

  • Team Umizoomi*
  • Peg Plus Cat*
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


  • Sid the Science Kid
  • Octonauts
  • Zoboomafoo*
  • Go Diego Go!*

Fine Arts

Imagination & Social Emphasis

  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood*
  • Bubble Guppies*
  • Tumbleleaf*
  • Backyardigans*
  • Wonder Pets*
  • Blues Clues*

*Also available for streaming through Amazon Prime.  Not a Prime Member? See what the fuss is all about with a free 30-Day Trial of Amazon Prime!

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  2. Great post! Lots of excellent tips for preschool-aged kids who are soaking up information like sponges and who like to be (and should be) on the go. Lots of reading and lots of hands-on fun lessons are key! Thanks for including my program. :)

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