Super Simple Homeschool Planning Worksheets: Free Downloads for Relaxed Homeschooling:

Looking for a streamlined homeschool planning process, but don’t know where to start? My Simplified Homeschool Planning Worksheets can help.

Free Downloads for Relaxed Homeschooling: Super Simple Homeschool Planning Worksheets

In the past, I’ve used well-known printed planners, an online homeschool planner, and even a simple notebook for lesson planning. I’ve used them all and have plenty of good things to say about all of these planning methods.

So, why use homeschool planning worksheets when there are tons of great tools already out there? I’m so glad you asked. ūüôā

Where Daily Homeschooling & End Goals Come Together

In my almost ten years of homeschooling, I’ve learned that it’s easy to keep track of our daily to-dos or to make big plans for the future. Unfortunately it can be difficult to do them at the same time and while giving the same attention to both.

If I’m not careful, I can get so lost in what our weeks and months need to look like that I become completely ineffective in leading my kids through our day-to-day plans.

Have you been there? Do you know what it’s like to be so focused on the end goals that you miss the moments in front of you?

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That’s why it’s so important to remember that there’s more to homeschool planning that filling in some blanks. There’s a delicate balance that happens each day as we steward our daily moments and work toward our end goal.

Free Downloads for Relaxed Homeschooling: Super Simple Homeschool Planning Worksheets

That’s where these homeschool planning worksheets come into the picture.

Super Simple Homeschool Planning Worksheets

Want to know more? Here are the details:

  • The worksheets can be used for your official homeschool planner or to help you think through your plans. You can print the sheets and place them in a binder and, voila, you’ve got a new planner that’s especially helpful for a relaxed homeschooling structure.
  • Pages are designed with a simplified homeschool routine in mind. These are great if you follow a homeschool routine, but not the best fit if you have a complex schedule.
  • All sheets are undated and designed to be printed as many times as needed; jot in the date, week, or month wherever you wish. Reusable pages help achieve this simplified approach.
    Free Downloads for Relaxed Homeschooling: Super Simple Homeschool Planning Worksheets
  • There are two pages for monthly use, two for weekly, and two for daily use.
  • The monthly and resource pages help organize and prepare for the upcoming month.
  • Weekly Flow is ideal for designating subjects and activities to specific days.
  • Weekly Overview helps fill in the details for your overall week.
  • Use Daily Assignments to list assignments by subject.
  • Use Daily Flow for schedule specifics or notes.
  • Consider printing the worksheets front and back if you find it difficult to accommodate more than one student per page.

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Free Downloads for Relaxed Homeschooling: Super Simple Homeschool Planning Worksheets