5 Fantastic Resources for Homeschooling Preschool

Need help finding a preschool curriculum option you can use at home? You’re in luck! Today I’m sharing my 5 favorite resources for homeschooling preschool.

My 5 Favorite Resources for Preschool at Home

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Can we have some homeschool confession time here?  It’s hard to admit sometimes, but I can be a bit of a curriculum junkie. I specifically have a problem when it comes to preschool curriculum. 

The good thing about my curriculum hoarding is that I can share my favorites with you and hopefully help you on your journey to homeschool your preschooler. 

Our 5 Favorite Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Options

I know full well that laying the educational foundation for your little learner can seem intimidating, but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some incredible resources available to equip you, encourage you, and guide you on your homeschool journey.  The best part is they’re all budget-friendly and perfect for learning at home.

1. God’s Little Explorers

I had God’s Little Explorers stashed away for a while before using it with one of my kiddos, but I was so grateful for it when I finally started using it with my youngest!

I especially loved that God’s Little Explorers does not present letters in alphabetical order and does not focus on capital letters first. That was so helpful because recognition of letters when they’re out of order and lowercase is vital for pre-reading.

For a while, my daughter was much more familiar with capital letters and often got frustrated by the fact that there are so many lowercase letters on items in the grocery store, in books, and all over the world around us. 

She was looking for letters and ready to have this all figured out!  This focus on lowercase, non-alphabetized letters in God’s Little Explorers helped tremendously.

5 Fantastic Resources for Homeschooling Preschool - God's Little Explorer's Preschool Curriculum

I also loved that it’s centered around exploring the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and that she learned early on that God’s Word is connected, from beginning to end, and that all of the in-between matters.

Factor in the Bible exploration with life skills, letters skills, number skills, and fun themes,  and this was a great year in our homeschool!

2. Preschool Learning Letter by Letter

We loved our time using Learning Letter by Letter from Knowledge Box Central. You can see my full review for all the details, but there were several things I appreciated about this one:

5 Fantastic Resources for Preschool at Home
  • It’s engaging for older or advanced preschoolers without being too much for them. 
  • The games, worksheets, and video suggestions for each letter are great for reinforcement.
  • It’s easy… print and go!
  • It’s a great option for littles who want to “do school” while you’re working with older siblings.

Learning Letter by Letter Full Review

This really was a great preschool curriculum option for us and was exactly what we needed as my youngest was in her last year of preschool. I absolutely recommend for anyone wanting to focus on letter recognition and prereading!

3. Learn & Grow Preschool Curriculum

I wasn’t aware of this one when I was homeschooling my own preschoolers, but I’ve since learned about this AMAZING resource from my friend Michelle at Homeschool-Your-Boys.com and it’s truly fantastic.

Learn & Grow: Hands-on Lessons for Active Preschoolers is perfect for the home educator and perfect for those looking to keep those wiggly kiddos learning while also giving them time to move and play.

It covers all subjects: English, pre-math, history, science, geography, art, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and literature. Also, it makes the most of teaching materials you probably have at home; it it turns out you don’t have the items, you’ll likely be able to find them pretty easily and inexpensively.

Also worth noting, it’s got 130 lesson plans and can be used in a 5-day week or even a relaxed 3-day homeschool schedule. That allows you to fit in more lessons if you like or reduce frequency if needed.

4. Reading Eggs & Math Seeds

Need a preschool option that primarily happens online or through an app? I can’t say enough good things about Reading Eggs. Between Reading Eggs Jr and Reading Eggs, your preschooler can access self-paced lessons, games, educational videos, and books to help with prereading and phonics.

Not so sure your kiddo can learn to read using online games? Think again. You can see my Reading Eggs review to learn more, but I can absolutely vouch for Reading Eggs and the role its played in my daughter’s education.

Reading Eggs, one of my 5 favorite preschool curriculum options for homeschooling

As for Math Seeds, this math-oriented counterpart comes with a Reading Eggs subscription and is a great way to teach early math skills.

Also worth noting, while both programs are online or app-based, both include tons of corresponding printable worksheets and lesson helps. These printables are what takes Reading Eggs from “just another app” to a straight up curriculum.

Simply put, Reading Eggs and Math Seeds are my number one recommendation for early learning online.

5. Before Five in a Row

Some of my sweetest homeschool memories come from our time using Five in a Row. That’s why I’ve got to include Before Five in a Row on this list of favorites. It’s the same concept as our beloved FIAR, but perfectly suited for little learners.

So, what do you need to know about Before Five in a Row? In a nutshell, it’s a literature-based unit study curriculum that introduces Bible, vocabulary, art, science, and other concepts through lovely children’s books.

Keep in mind that there are 23 units in all and that the above list is just a sampling. All in all, the idea behind Before Five in a Row is to give parents the tools they need to help their preschoolers learn through beloved children’s books and play, while also laying the foundation for future academics.

If you’ve been praying about homeschooling your preschooler (or any of your kids, for that matter), please know that all of the resources mentioned here can be purchased very inexpensively through the above links.  That’s one of the great things about all of this — you don’t have to spend absurd amounts of money to teach your children at home!

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