Working at Home While Homeschooling

I’ve been working from home for less than an year while homeschooling.  I can already attest to the challenges that arise while trying to do both.  I get it: homeschooling two children, cooking meals, doing laundry and housework, and squeezing in a couple of hours here and there to work each day leaves me little downtime.  My work time usually happens while Prissy is napping since The Boy is usually finished with school by then and it often continues for hours after she’s gone to bed.

Working at Home While Homeschooling
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You can see why I was so happy to learn that Misty from Joy in the Journey has come to the rescue.  Misty wrote Schooling at Home While Working at Home to equip homeschool parents with tips and encouragement for working at home while homeschooling.  I just finished reading it and picked up lots of great pointers.  Here’s what I love about it:

    • I’ve known of homeschool parents to ask for work at home job suggestions in the past and no one, myself included, knew what to suggest.  Misty has great suggestions for what kinds of work at home jobs are complementary to homeschooling.  Although this blog is my work now, I found her suggestions and thoughts on each job to be very helpful. I know lots of people who would benefit from that chapter alone!
    • The importance of time management is at the forefront of my mind right now.  How to set aside time for working is covered – I’ll take any help I can get on that one, for sure.
    • I’ve got the scheduling of our homeschool under control, but finding time for housework while working and schooling from home often takes a backseat.  I’m so happy that help for managing the home is included.  (Looking for help with managing the homeschooling part?  She’s got that covered, too!)
    • She emphasized making time for your family.  It’s so tempting to be “on-call” 24 hours a day when you work at home.  Giving my family my full attention isn’t always easy.
    • The challenges are acknowledged.  It’s silly to pretend that working from home and homeschooling is an easy thing to manage.  So yes, the challenges are acknowledged, but there’s encouragement to get through them too.  All in all, I’ve been reminded that there will always be something left undone and that it’s okay to give myself grace.
Working at Home While Homeschooling - It's okay to give yourself grace!


If you’ve considered working at home while homeschooling, Misty Bailey’s Schooling at Home While Working at Home could be exactly what you need.  I’ve come away with tools I need to balance homeschooling, “home-working,” and home management and keep my sanity while making it all happen.

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