Winter Wonderland Workshop: Cultivating Creativity with Mixed Media

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The secret has been out for a while now that we are officially fans of mixed media art.   We were introduced to mixed media through Alisha Gratehouse of Flourish and we all just fell in love.  A whole new world of creativity was opened to us when we found ourselves Exploring Mixed Media with The Art of Fall a few months ago. We had such a great time with The Art of Fall that we were thrilled to jump into another mixed media workshop from Alisha, Winter Wonderland!

Winter Wonderland Workshop - Cultivating Creativity with Mixed Media

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We’ve only done one project from the workshop thus far and it was great fun for both of my kids.  It made my mom heart smile to have them both at the table painting, choosing patterns, and adding their own creative touches, all while talking and laughing together.  In fact, it truly was a family affair — Hubby and I both assisted our budding artists as they worked on the snowman collage pieces.

Even though we’ve only finished the first project, I’ve taken a look at them all and know we’re going to love diving into the rest of the course.  We’re going to have lots of chances to get creative around our table!

Winter Wonderland
Mixed Media Workshop

Here’s what you need to know about the workshop: Winter Wonderland contains four weeks of mixed media projects designed for ages eight and up, but younger kids should be able to participate with help from mom or dad. This e-Course includes lots of fun and gorgeous projects and explores some of the following art forms:

  • watercolor painting
  • acrylic painting
  • hand lettering
  • chalkboard art
  • collage art
  • sketching
  • art journaling
  • sculpting
  • and MORE!

Plus, since you have lifetime access to the course once you purchase, you can save some projects to do throughout the entire winter season or even next year if you prefer.  I love that there’s no pressure to finish them all within the four week period and there’s no rush to take full advantage of the great instruction provided!

One of my favorite things about this e-Course is how it easily it can be integrated into family time.  With this workshop, you’re not just buying art classes for your kids.  It’s perfectly fine to use it that way, but I love that this workshop can be done as a family.  Winter often comes with lots of time being holed up inside; what better way to spend that time than creating art together with your kids?  How fun!

Winter Wonderland: Cultivating Creativity with Mixed Media

Bottom line: Winter Wonderland packs a powerful punch.  There’s lots of room for creativity for your entire family with these projects.  While you have all the instruction you need to complete each project, you also have opportunities to add your own touch to each one.  What’s more is that the art is perfect for gifting or displaying as Christmas decor in your home!

If all of that isn’t enough, the memories made while creating and the sense of accomplishment your kids have when they finish these projects makes this e-Course a great investment for your family.

Winter Wonderland Workshop - Cultivating Creativity with Mixed Media

You can purchase the workshop for yourself by visiting Flourish, but don’t put it off.  You want your kiddos to have plenty of time to work on the projects.

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Winter Wonderland Mixed Media Workshop

Be sure to stop by Flourish for more information on this workshop and all of Alisha’s e-courses and books.  You can also connect with Alisha through the following social media links:

4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Workshop: Cultivating Creativity with Mixed Media”

    1. Yes Laura, after payment you’ll get an email from Alisha, the owner of Flourish, that contains the supply list, password to enter the course, and the links to each week of the course. Once you have all of that, you’ll be able to do the projects as you wish. If your payment has processed be sure to check your email spam folder just in case Alisha’s emails were sent there. 🙂

  1. I’m having trouble getting this paid and signed up. I paid thru my credit card but it doesn’t indicate its been taken care of-Id like to sign up and get started, if you can help and let me know what I’m doing wrong Id appreciate it! Laura

    1. I’m not sure what the issue would be with payment because it’s processed through Paypal. Have you received an email from Paypal confirming your payment? If you’re still having trouble, I would use this form from Alisha’s site to contact her and see what it’s showing on her end of things. I don’t have access to any of that part, but she should be able to help. Contact Alisha here. Hope this helps!

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