101 Reasons We Love Homeschool

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You don’t have to spend much time talking to my family to realize there are plenty of reasons we love homeschool.  In fact, it’s at least possible that you’re sick of us talking about how much we love it.  If that’s the case, brace yourself.  Today we’re looking at a bunch of reasons my family loves homeschooling.  One hundred and one of them, to be exact.

101 Reasons We Love Homeschool

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After considering the gifts of homeschool and taking time to list them all, my husband and I noticed that many of our reasons for loving homeschool come down to time.   Simply put, our choice to homeschool allows us to use our time intentionally.

All of the little chunks of time we’d spend running here and there, waiting in the pick up line, and doing homework add up.  And the big chunks of time? They add up even quicker.  Big and little, all of those chunks of time are ours to use as we wish because of homeschool.

That’s not all we love about homeschool, though.  We’ve got lots of reasons to share with you today:

101 Reasons We Love Homeschool

From my 10 year-old son

1. It’s okay if we don’t get everything done.
2. I have more time with my pets.
3. I have more time to draw.
4. I have more time to play.
5. I have more time to build with LEGOs.
6. I get to see my sister learn and grow.
7. I can help my sister with her schoolwork.
8. I can incorporate drawing into all of my subjects.
9. I don’t have to cover every subject each day.
10. I can participate in our homeschool co-op group.

11. We’re usually done by noon each day.
12. I can sleep in when I’m tired.
13. I can take a nap when I’m tired.
14. LEGOs can be a part of my schoolwork.
15. I have lots of time to read.
16. When I feel stressed, I can take a break.
17. When the curriculum doesn’t work, we can try something else.
18. We get to do lots of art.
19. We get to look for God all day long.
20. We can make Disney World an educational trip.

101 Reasons We Love Homeschool

21. I have friends through my homeschool co-op I would’ve never met through public school.
22. We get to learn through TV and movies.
23. Lunchtime read-alouds.
24. My geography curriculum.
25. We don’t have to use curriculum that goes against our faith.
26. I get to pick a lot of what I’m learning.
27. We choose our schedule.
28. I learn through my favorite books.
29. We get to be a family.
30. We don’t have to be busy doing homework all afternoon.

31. I never feel rushed.
32. I get to learn life skills like laundry and cleaning.
33. I can learn independently.
34. I can explore areas I wouldn’t learn about through schools.
35. I can explore topics I wouldn’t learn about at my age if I attended a local school.
36. I can learn how history supports my faith in God.
37. I can learn how science supports my faith in God.
38. I don’t have to stop learning about something interesting when my curriculum moves to something else.
39. We can do our history lessons on the way to the beach.
40. We can wear pajamas all day if we want.

101 Reasons We Love Homeschool

41. We can be home more.
42. We can research anything we’re curious about.
43. We can build our homeschool around reading.
44. We play Bananagrams a lot.
45. I can spend the day doing something special and do my schoolwork at night.
46. I learn about cool people and topics that are often overlooked by other schools.
47. I don’t have many tests.
48. I can learn about history while I’m working on language arts.
49. I can stop what I’m doing and go look at the sky.
50. I can have a snack if I’m hungry.

From my 4 year-old daughter

51. We can be together.
52. We get to go to the library a lot.
53. We get to catch bugs.
54. We have dance parties.
55. We can be home.
56. We get to read.
57. We can have school every day.
58. We learn while we play.
59. We collect leaves.
60. We learn about butterflies.

101 Reasons We Love Homeschool

61. I can practice writing.
62. I can color.
63. I can do my school on my Kindle.
64. I can snuggle with mom during nap.
65. I can do my school in my mom’s lap.
66. I can help with laundry.
67. I can learn with my brother.
68. I paint a lot.
69. I’m learning to read.
70. My brother reads to me.


From my husband

71. We can go on vacation in non-peak seasons.
72. Learning is our lifestyle.
73. Since we always know what’s being taught, we can capitalize on teaching moments that occur from day to day.
74. The underfunding of schools doesn’t affect us.
75. Program changes in schools don’t affect us.
76. We don’t have to worry about the pressures of comparison.
77. We share school supplies.
78. We can buy school supplies on clearance a few weeks after public schools start.
79. We avoid back-to-school madness.
80. No waiting in the drop off and pick up lines.

101 Reasons We Love Homeschool

81. We don’t give away our influence.
82. We can run errands together.
83. The government does’t dictate our lunch menu.
84. It works well with my schedule.
85. I don’t have to sacrifice family time due to work.
86. School extracurriculars don’t dominate our schedule.
87. Great emphasis is placed on independent learning.
88. It allows us to recognize God’s provision.
89. I like knowing my family is waiting for me when I walk in the door.
90. The amount of time we spend with our kids is much greater than other school options allow.


A few reasons I love homeschool

91. It makes it easier for us to live according to the commands in Deuteronomy 6.
92. My kids are taught with their personalities, interests, and learning styles in mind.
93. I get to be a part of their triumphs.
94. Our kids get to be kids.
95. Despite their age difference, our kids get to be together as much as they want.
96. We can provide a relaxed childhood.
97. Our kids are comfortable interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds.
98. We choose how and when to introduce sensitive topics.
99. I learn alongside my kids.
100. Facts and figures aren’t the focus of their education; our kids are learning how to learn.
101. I enjoy being with my kids.

What are some reasons you love homeschool? You don’t have to share 101 of them, but I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments below!

101Reasons We Love Homeschool

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3 thoughts on “101 Reasons We Love Homeschool

  1. I have just finished my first year homeschooling my 8 year old son and we can’t wait to start 3rd grade!! A few things we love about homeschool:
    -Flexibility of schedule
    -One-on-One teaching allows us to focus on my child’s individual strengths and weaknesses.
    -We get to seek God through our studies.
    -Quality time as a family
    -plus all the 101 reasons that you mentioned!
    I love that you asked your kids and husband for input in your post. It is good to see the whole family’s perspective every now and then, 🙂

  2. Love the list and I agree with all 101 points! We also love homeschooling because:
    1) we are allowed to seek God in everything subject we cover and learn how it is all interconnected and everything points to an intelligent and loving Creator
    2) we love that our kids do not have to conform to school rules like stand in lines and eat lunch quietly.
    I also love how you asked your kids, so I asked my oldest daughter why she liked homeschooling:
    3) my five-year-old says she likes homeschool because she can take lots of breaks to play with her little sissy.
    Thanks for the great list!

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