Walk in Truth: A Scripture Scavenger Hunt for Families

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Looking for something different to do with the kids or families in your ministry?  My Walk in Truth Scripture Hunt is a great way to explore God’s Word with the children in your church or even your home.  Not sure what a scripture hunt is?  Just think of it as a scripture-based scavenger hunt.

Walk in Truth Scripture Scavenger Hunt - Free download for your family or kidmin

I wrote this a few months ago to use in my church’s family Sunday School class, but it could be a fun family or children’s activity for anyone to hoping to plant scripture in little hearts.  I printed the ten scripture clue pages and ten devotional pages ahead of time and placed them in matching locations around our church.

When our families arrived, I explained the process, handed out the first clue, and sent them off to read Scripture #1 separately.  From there, they discussed the clue and hunted for the first location.

When they arrived at the location, they found the matching scripture page with a short explanation of the scripture and how it relates to walking in truth.  They were encouraged to discuss the explanation and spend a few moments in prayer.

Walk in Truth Scripture Scavenger Hunt - Free scavenger hunt for kids and families

I placed the clue page for Scripture #2 underneath that devotional page so that my groups could grab the next clue strip and move on to the second location after their prayer and discussion.  Scripture #2 led to devotional #2 and the third scripture page.

When my groups finished the last devotion, we ended in a time of quick discussion and prayer and then dismissed them to our church service.  (We were limited on time, but you could do prizes, snacks, or lots of other fun things when it’s over.) By the time they worked through all the scriptures and devotions, they worked through a great time of Bible study and life application.

The process of setting up the clues is the most time-consuming part, but it’s otherwise painless.  Remember to attach the following scripture clue page to each devotion!  I punched holes in my two pages for each location and used a ribbon to keep them together, but there are plenty of ways you can make it work.

Once again, when I put all of this together, I did so for use in our family Sunday School class, but this would also be a great activity for groups of kids led by adults or older teenagers.  Feel free to download it and use it however you like in your church or ministry.  I also invite you to share this post with others who might enjoy using it.

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It’s so important that we show our families and children how scripture applies to our everyday lives.  I pray that this resource helps the families in your ministry see that life application and live it.

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2 thoughts on “Walk in Truth: A Scripture Scavenger Hunt for Families

    1. It's up to you… you can end it with a prize of some sort for the first group to finish or you could simply have everyone to gather when they finish the last clue and devotion. At that point you could have a time to wrap up the hunt with some discussion and prayer. Those are just a couple of ending ideas, but it would depend mostly on how you choose to facilitate it. We opted for the discussion and prayer at the end when we did it. 🙂

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