Every Day with God: 365 VeggieTales Devos

I’m always happy to discover new devotionals to help my kids grow in faith. After all, training them to have time every day with God now will help them grow into mature believers sooner rather than later or not at all.

Every Day with God: 365 VeggieTales Devos

(I received a complimentary copy of this title for review; see disclosure for details.)

My ten year-old is getting to the age where he prefers to do his devotional time on his own. It’s bittersweet because I’ll miss having devotional time with both of my kids together, but I’m proud of him for wanting to have quiet time on his own.

Nonetheless, that’s left me looking for devotionals to do with my four year-old daughter.

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We’ve got a whole slew of great kids’ devotional books that we love, but I knew my daughter would love to have a devotional of her own. That’s why I was super excited to learn about Every Day with God: 365 Daily Devos for Girls.

Every Day with God

If you have VeggieTales fans in your home, you don’t want to miss this devotional!  Every Day with God contains a year’s worth of devotional readings.  Each of those readings include a scripture reference, devotional text, and a prayer prompt.

Every Day with God: 365 VeggieTales Devos

I especially like how each devotion includes a thought of the day to help kids get to the bottom line of each day’s scripture and text.

That’s such a helpful feature for helping kids connect the dots between the scripture reference and text. It’s also helpful in showing them practical application of the daily scripture on a level that younger children can understand.

Every Day with God: 365 VeggieTales Devos
The devotional is written with children ages four to seven in mind. Each devotional reading is one page in length, which makes it perfect for short attention spans.

And, because you can’t have a VeggieTales devotional without VeggieTales, the entire devotional is full color and includes images of VeggieTales character on each page.

Our Devotional Time
with Every Day with God

My little one is loving her time with Every Day with God. She says her favorite thing about the devotional is how it shows God’s love and care for her.  She also loves seeing her favorite VeggieTales characters on the pages.

Every Day with God: 365 VeggieTales Devos
What I love about our devotional time is that, little by little and page by page, she’s making big connections through Every Day with God that will help her develop a personal relationship with her Heavenly Father.

Where to Find
Every Day with God

You can find this lovely devotional through Amazon by clicking the image below, at Christianbook.com, or at your favorite bookseller.

Every Day with God: 365 VeggieTales Devos
Don’t forget to take a look at Every Day with God for Boys while you’re at it. It’s an equally great devotional choice for little boys!

Every Day with God: 365 VeggieTales Devos
Looking for great devotionals for your older kids? Here are a few that my ten year-old loves:

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