Update on Gryphon Online Safety WiFi Router

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Update on Gryphon Online Safety WiFi Router(This is a sponsored post; see disclosure for details.)

I recently shared some important statistics about kids, the internet, and online safety for connected families.

Maybe you remember seeing that 70% of kids online see inappropriate content by accident. Do you think that 70% includes your kids?

Do you remember reading that the average family has ten internet-connected devices. I even mentioned that my family usually has fifteen internet-connected devices at any given time.

That was a shocker to some, but it’s true. Between phones, old phones only used for apps, computers, Kindles, streaming devices, and game systems, we are a connected family.

With all of those devices, there’s no doubt that we’re excited to learn about Gryphon Online Safety and how it can help us have a safer internet experience in our home.

Update on Gryphon Online Safety WiFi Router

It turns out we aren’t the only ones excited about this new tool for online safety.  In just 2 weeks, Gryphon is more than 75% to the funding goal on Kickstarter.  It’s even been featured in some awesome publications!

Update on Gryphon Online Safety WiFi Router
Take a look at these articles featuring Gryphon’s WiFi router:

Indeed, people are acknowledging the need for a safer internet and that Gryphon Online Safety can make it happen. Maybe you also acknowledge that need, but haven’t done anything about it.

No worries! If you have not reserved a Gryphon WiFi routher, it’s not too late.

Go grab a Gryphon on Kickstarter now. They are extending the early bird special through Nov. 6, 2016.  Help them reach their goal and everyone will receive 1 FREE year of intrusion detection and whole house malware filtering ($49 value).

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