What to Read: Thomas Jefferson Books for Kids

Planning to study the life and legacy of American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson in your homeschool? Good news: we’ve got a list of Thomas Jefferson books for kids to help you learn!

This list of Thomas Jefferson books for kids is a great starting point for learning about Jefferson's life and legacy.

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Whether you’re preparing to study the American Revolution with your kids or you’ve just got Thomas Jefferson on the brain because you’re obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack, these books about Thomas Jefferson can help you and your kids learn more about Jefferson and his lasting influence on the United States.

Children’s Books About Thomas Jefferson

Before we jump into this list of Thomas Jefferson books for kids, keep in mind that I’ve included Amazon links in all the title descriptions below. That makes it easy to add them to your wishlist or cart.

However, if you want to show some love to independent booksellers, see this Bookshop.org list. It’s got all of the books listed here and makes a good alternative to Amazon.

1 . Who Was Thomas Jefferson?

This Thomas Jefferson biography is a good fit for younger readers. It features short chapters that visit Jefferson’s formative years, transition into political leadership, home life, and legacy along with quotes and timelines.

2. A Picture book of Thomas Jefferson

A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson is exactly what it sounds like: a picture book version of Jefferson’s early years, interests, and contributions.

3. Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson’s love for reading and personal book collection helped rebuild the Library of Congress after it was destroyed in the War of 1812? Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library tells of Jefferson’s love of reading and book collecting, but also how his love for words lives on today. 

4. Thomas Jefferson for Kids

This one from the For Kids series is a fantastic nonfiction reading option for learning about Thomas Jefferson. It contains more than a hundred pages and covers a variety of topics relating to Jefferson and where he fits into the historical landscape.

Also, it includes a variety of activities to enjoy with your kids, along with timelines and resource recommendations for learning more.

Worth noting, this one addresses the entire Hemings family along with Sally Hemings and the children she and Jefferson had together. That’s not to say these parts of Jefferson’s life have no place in exploring history with children, but it’s something to take into consideration with younger children or especially sensitive readers.

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5. Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Everything

This one by Maira Kalman features gorgeous illustrations and a simple, easy to digest overview of Thomas Jefferson’s life that kids are sure to enjoy. 

6. Meet Thomas Jefferson

Another Thomas Jefferson biography, this title from the Landmark Books series is a good fit for older elementary kids and middle schoolers. It provides a good overview of Jefferson’s childhood, career path, role in the formation of the American government, and later years.

7. Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation

 It’s easy to forget all the hats Thomas Jefferson wore on throughout his years of leadership. It’s also easy to miss how his leadership impacted agriculture, the size of the nation, and even education.

That’s why I appreciate Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation and how it spotlights the growth experienced in the United States because of his influence.

8. Bones in the White House

I never thought of Thomas Jefferson as the Father of American Paleontology before finding Bones in the White House: Thomas Jefferson’s Mammoth at our library, but it’s a super interesting side of Jefferson and his interests.

If you’re interested in sharing this part of Jefferson’s story, but can’t find Bones in the White House, look for Thomas Jefferson and the Mammoth Hunt.

9. The Secret at Thomas Jefferson’s Mansion

This fun chapter book about a mystery at Monticello isn’t the most accurate on this list, but it’s a good way to pique curiosity about Thomas Jefferson and leave kids wanting to know more.

10. The Story of Thomas Jefferson

The Story of Thomas Jefferson is another good chapter book biography option that’s geared toward ages 6-9 years. Worth noting, this one includes color illustrations and a glossary to enhance comprehension and engagement.

11. Thomas Jefferson’s Feast

This leveled reader is a fun way to pull up a chair and explore Thomas Jefferson’s love for all sorts of foods and how his time spent in France impacted food enjoyed by Americans to this day.

12. Buzzy and Thomas

My kiddos have always loved learning about presidential pets, so Buzzy and Thomas instantly got our attention when we noticed it for the first time. Since it spotlights Thomas Jefferson and his dog, it’s a nice break from the typical biographical chapter book.

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This list of Thomas Jefferson books for kids is a great starting point for learning about Jefferson's life and legacy.

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