The Rundown – Week in Review

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I’m pretty sure you’re sick of hearing about packing, moving, and whatnot, but that’s life around here right now.  We closed on our new house yesterday and everything else has been on autopilot this week. 

It’s busy, but it’s not so busy that I haven’t been able to step outside from time to time and see what God has been doing in the skies around me.  Y’all, He was showing off big time this week:  there was all kinds of beauty to behold.  Amazing clouds, blue skies, sunsets with every orange, yellow, red, and pink you can imagine.  May I never be too busy to stand in awe of these gifts, these little glimpses of His glory, that He shares with us so freely. 

Rundown Week in Review Collage


Sure, we’ve been doing our normal thing around here, but I’ve been slacking on the pictures this week and packing instead.  Forgive me? 

I didn’t plan much for The Boy this week; I knew the move would keep us distracted.  Last week’s anatomy focus was blood; this week he learned more about the makeup of blood and started learning about the heart. One thing that fascinated him was learning details about red blood cells.  Did you know that the shape of a red blood cell is a bi-concave disk?  How about that there are 5 million red cells in a cubic millimeter?  That’s about the size of a pinhead. Pretty cool stuff, huh? 

As for our other subjects, life in early Crete, the fall of man, and music appreciation were all we could squeeze in.  That’s not too bad for such a crazy couple of days! 

Rundown Week in Review homeschool collage

Letter P and plants are Prissy’s focus for the week.  She’s not quite finished with all of her fun stuff yet … I’ll share more on Letter P next week. 

The Rundown - Week in Review - new home
Prissy and The Boy joined us for some celebratory frozen yogurt after closing yesterday.  They were all smiles!

As you can imagine, this is what’s keeping our attention for the most part right now.  We’re so thankful to have made it through closing!  We were blessed to have some amazing folks working with us to make this happen. Thanks to their hard work, we’re finishing up our packing and getting ready to call this place home. 

That’s it for our week…. Make the most of your moments around the table this week. 

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