The Rundown: Week in Review

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I take an absurd amount of pictures in the course of a week.  Everyone else does that too, right?  I’m sure I’d be seriously out of control if I ever got a good camera and stopped using my phone to support my behavior.  Paparazzi or not, it sure makes it easy to share what’s happening.  Here’s what life was like around here this week:


Cats and caterpillars and cupcakes, oh my!  Letter C has been the focus of Prissy’s week.  We read lots of great C books: Have You Seen My Cat?The Very Hungry Caterpillar, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Cc: See It, Say It, Hear It.  She had a great week and especially had a blast using the kids’ computer at the library.  It probably sounds crazy, but she’s never used anything but a laptop.  A PC was a new experience for her. early learning rundown week in review letter of the week c preschool homeschool caterpillar

The Boy has been caught up in researching samurais and ninjas for our upcoming homeschool group dinner.  Along with that and his usual work, he’s working on memorizing Robert Louis Stevenson’s “My Shadow,” catching up on correspondence, and learning how to use the card catalog.

Lastly, he spent time with his Magic Tree House Club* this week.  He looks forward to that monthly meeting more than you’d ever imagine.  I’m a fan too; I’m astounded by how much he learns through it. We are beyond grateful that CurrClick* offers great clubs and classes like these.  (Not familiar with Magic Tree House?  Check out the Magic Tree House site for more info.)

homeschool rundown week in review samurai ninja research my shadow magic tree house club

Good Eats!

  • Looking for something quick, easy, and kid friendly?  These pizza crescent rolls need to be on your to-do list.  They’re not fancy, but they’re yummy and your kids are pretty much guaranteed to eat them.  Serve them with a salad and you can easily transform them from a snack to dinner.
  • Citrus Salmon, roasted broccoli, and buttered rosemary rolls – This meal was a nice change of pace for us. The kiddos aren’t big on seafood and I don’t serve it often.  The kids weren’t interested, but The Hubby and I were quite pleased.  The citrus was gorgeous and gave it such a light, bright flavor.  The rest of the plate is full of favorites.  We’ve been making these rosemary rolls and roasted broccoli for years now. The Boy even likes to help with these. The original recipe for the roasted broccoli came from Ina Garten, but I usually just use garlic, EVOO, lemon juice, and parmesan.  I never add the rest of the ingredients and we love it just like that.  We love, love, love, eating broccoli this way.  (Oh, and the mac and cheese on the plate is the Kraft Homestyle kind.  Sometimes that’s just how we roll.)
  • Enough about that meal, right?  I also made my favorite banana bread this week.  I love the addition of pineapple in this recipe.  For whatever reason, this was the first banana bread recipe I found when I started baking from scratch.  I love it so much that I’ve never strayed from it.
  • Since I made banana bread and banana blondies, you may have guessed that I had a bunch of ripe bananas I needed to use.  Guilty as charged.  These banana blondies weren’t exactly healthy – especially with that brown sugar frosting – but they were a delicious treat.
  • I loved this Spinach Tortellini Soup!  Fresh, colorful, healthy, and flavorful: those are all things a soup should be and this one checks all of those boxes.  It’s definitely a soup that will be added to our normal rotation.
rundown week in review pizza crescent rolls citrus salmon broccoli banana bread blondies spinach tortellini soup

 Everything Else

Sure, there was plenty of other stuff happening around here this week, but who even cares?  It was so completely beautiful here this week. Why even bother with the rest of it?  Blue skies, lovely January temperatures, and blowing bubbles at sunset. Who could ask for anything more?

rundown week in review sunsets reflections collage sky nature

With that, I’m signing off.  Enjoy your time around the table this weekend!

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  1. HI! Thank you for your kind words! I am so glad you like Magic Tree House Club! What a great week you had – fun post!

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