The Rundown: Week in Review

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Busy, crazy, delicious, cold, and snuggly.  All words that describe this week well. 

Good Eats


rundown week in review apple cinnamon pork chops mashed cauliflower chocolate peanut butter crescent rolls pumpkin curry mousse

It’s been a good week to sit at our table.

  • Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops with Garlic Mashed Cauliflower – Such a great meal!  The pork chops were amazing… that topping is enough to make you drool.  I must sadly say, though, that the mashed cauliflower isn’t a family favorite.  I’ve made it a few times in hopes that they’ll finally fall in love with it.  Yet again, I’m the only one eating it.  They just aren’t into it. 
  • These Chocolate Peanut Butter Crescent Rolls were an unexpected surprise.  I decided to give these a shot when Hubby and The Boy were desperate for snack a few nights ago.  These didn’t disappoint!  
  • This wasn’t the first time Pumpkin Curry made an appearance at our table, but it’s another one of those things the kiddos won’t eat.  The Boy genuinely tries, but can’t bring himself to finish a bowl.  Hubby and I love this stuff so maybe it’s just an acquired taste.  An added bonus:  I had enough leftover to use as a filling for pita bread a few days later.  What a perfect lunch!
  • I had a good bit of coconut milk left after making the Pumpkin Curry and was pretty excited to find an easy way to use it.  Y’all, this velvety-smooth Chocolate Mousse is so decadent! I think Prissy would’ve eaten the entire bowl if I let her. 

Prissy has been busy learning about Letter B.  Bears, ballerinas, and butterflies were common topics of conversation this week.  Here are the books we read to keep Letter B on the top of our minds:  We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Where Butterflies Grow, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

In addition to his normal load, The Boy has been busy with food chains and webs this week.  He’s also found time for our Indescribable Song Study and starting Wilbur and Orville Wright: Young Fliers.  He’s reading this in preparation for our next unit in LLATL Orange.

The Boy and Prissy both did a great job with their vegetable watercolor paintings in our homeschool co-op. 

rundown week in review letter of the week b butterfly homeschool collage preschool

Everything Else

As for the rest of it, there’s been lots of regular ole life happening around here.  Busy is normal for us, but this week felt extra busy.  Our homeschool art co-op and our church’s midweek services started back this week after taking time off for December holidays.  Simply getting back into the swing of things made life feel a little crazy.

Despite being only halfway through our January no-spend challenge, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch out with Dad since he’s heading out of town for the weekend.  Having a gift card to cover it was awesome because we could have lunch out and still stay on our no-spend track.  The Boy was kind enough to leave positive feedback for the folks at Chili’s.  According to him, they needed to know that the corn dogs were up to par.  (If you’re not sure why corn dogs are important, check out this message from Kid President.  He’ll set you straight.)

I also had the pleasure of learning why it’s a big deal if something falls into your dryer’s lint trap.  Especially if that something is a pack of fishing lures.  Don’t ask… I genuinely have no clue how it happened.  I just know I was cleaning the trap and heard something fall into the abyss.  Lots of tools and several hours later, Hubby had it up and running again.  Don’t try this stuff at home. 

Lastly, we got Hubby packed up and sent off with our church’s youth group.  They’re heading out for their yearly ski trip today.   We don’t particularly enjoy having him out of town, but that’s part of life in a ministry family sometimes.  We’ll try to compensate with some dance parties, extra snuggles and treats over the weekend.  It’s not the same, but hopefully it will help a little.

Enjoy the time at your table this weekend.  Make those moments count! 

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