The Rundown – Week in Review

It’s been a big week for our family.  Have you heard?  We spent last weekend in Lynchburg, Virginia for Liberty University’s 2015 Commencement.  With over 7,000 graduates and their families present, Lynchburg was crawling with people.  Every minute spent in traffic or arriving early to find seats was absolutely worth it.   
College graduation is a big deal for anyone at anytime, but I appreciated the leaders at LU acknowledging the sacrifice it takes for adults going back to school later on.  Like so many others, Hubby works full time and has worked tirelessly for his degree night after night, many times once we’ve all gone to bed.  Being a minister and full time student doesn’t leave him with lots of time for himself, but his dedication has paid off.  We’re proud of him and blessed by all that he does for our family and so many others. 

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Prissy was a happy girl this week.  Her Letter of the Week allowed her to focus on some of her favorite things: rainbows and bunny rabbits.  Any excuse to read Peter Rabbit for the hundredth time is a good one for her; it’s her favorite!  Since R is also for Rainbow, she even took on Art for Kids Hub’s Rainbow project.  It was her first time using pastels and it was pretty adorable. 

Letter of the week R rabbit rainbow preschool homeschool early learning

The Boy has also had a great week in our homeschool, but the highlight of his week has been history.  Ancient Greece has finally entered the picture in our Story of the World book and he’s been enthralled.  He researched the early Olympics last year for a presentation, but this is the first time Greece has shown up in our history cycle.  I’m especially grateful that homeschooling allows us to camp out for a while in these areas of interest.  He’s loving this too much to move on simply because these chapters are almost over. 
Also worth mentioning is that we’ve veered away from our LLATL for a bit.  Since we were traveling for Hubby’s graduation, it was the perfect time to add Kim Garcia’s Escape of the Killer Noun to our mix.  I’m a Brookdale House fan through and through and I’ve been excited about this book since the launch a couple of months ago.  It’s been a welcome break from our normal language arts routine.

Story of the world greece homeschool

Happy Birthday to The Boy!

Speaking of The Boy, we still can’t believe he turned nine this week.  It feels like we blinked and he went from a 3 pound preemie to this compassionate, imaginative, and full of faith boy-man.  I didn’t always understand that mom crawling through her grown son’s window in Love You Forever, but I get her now.  He’s pretty incredible and I’ll crawl through windows to tell him goodnight anytime it’s needed. 
If you’ve got a Ninjago lover in your home, I’m happy to say that his Ninjago-inspired cake was much easier to pull off than I expected.  Life As We Know It’s tutorial was exactly what I needed for my first baking experience in the new house.  It was especially nice because I didn’t need any of my currently MIA baking/ cake decorating tools.

Birthday ninjago cake

That’s it for us this week.  Savor your time around the table.  Play games, be silly, laugh hard, break bread with those you love.  Make each moment count. 

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  1. What a big week you had! Your husband completed something HUGE — congrats to him. 🙂

    And, yes — we blink and they grow up. Nine years just flew by, didn't they?

    Thanks for linking with Collage Friday! I appreciate you!

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