The Rundown – Week in Review – Week 9

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The weather is gorgeous around here and it’s getting tough to stay focused on my to-do list.  Anyone else feeling that way right now?  What’s the fall version of Spring Fever?  Whatever that’s called, we’ve got that happening right now.  🙂

The Rundown - Week in Review - Week 9

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I don’t really know why, but I didn’t catch a ton a pictures from our homeschool time this week.  We had some great moments and even had fun weaved into our days, — can you tell?— but I don’t have a ton of pictures to show for it.  Both Prissy and The Boy spent time doing their respective assignments and it was a great week, but these homeschool moments just weren’t what this week was all about for us.

The Rundown - Week in Review - Week 9 Homeschool

Our time spent outside was by far the highlight of the week!  It’s finally looking a smidge like fall here in eastern NC and it was the perfect weather for leaf hunting and nature walks.  It made my mom-heart smile to see the kids picking out their favorite leaves, discussing them, and then making a nature journal afterwards — without any prompting from me.  Indeed, these are the blessings of homeschool.

The Rundown - Week in Review - Homeschool Nature Walk

DIY Dormer Window Desk

We’ve also got a fun DIY project going on right now.  We’ve had plans to make a desk for one of our dormer windows upstairs for while now, but this project can officially be marked off the Pinterest to-do list.  Hubby and my father in-law have been working hard on a custom dormer desk just so we’d have a designated spot for writing.  It’s not finished, but it’s looking great so far and  I’m looking forward to putting it to use!

The Rundown - Week in Review - Week 9 - DIY Window Desk

The Day to Day

From simply having fun in the yard to some time with our toes in the sand, it’s been a great week of togetherness for my crew.  Sure, none of these things individually seem all that noteworthy, but they piece together a picture that’s such a blessing to me.  I love that our family life is spent together.  I love that we aren’t just people living under the same roof.  It’s a blessing to do life together in this way.

The Rundown - Week in Review - Week 9 - Family Fun

Happening Here on the Blog

Lastly – just in case you haven’t heard-, my friends at B&H Publishing gave me a copy of Prayer Works to review and an extra copy to share with one of you.  Prayer Works is a fantastic kids companion to the movie War Room, but is still a great resource for your kids even if you haven’t seen the movie (we haven’t seen it yet and love Prayer Works).  You can learn more about the book and enter to win here ==> :  Prayer Works Review & Giveaway.   Hurry, giveaway ends Sunday night, 10/18!

P.S.:  I’ve also got a review and giveaway of Korie Robertson’s Strong and Kind coming next week.  Be sure to stop by and enter to win before you can even buy it!


That’s it for us this week… from our table to yours, have a wonderful week!

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4 thoughts on “The Rundown – Week in Review – Week 9

  1. I love the nature journals…so fun watching them discover all what the world offers outside.

    I saw your pics on IG about the new window desk..LOVE the idea of using space like that…cozy!

    Enjoy the week!


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