The Rundown – Week in Review – Week 1

And we’re back just like that!  We had a great summer, but we’re happy to be getting back to our normal routine.  Here’s what’s been happening around our table this week.

The Rundown - Week in Review - Week 1, 2015

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We’re year-round homeschoolers, so we don’t have an official start to our school year.  For most subjects, The Boy transitioned to fifth grade around the end of July.  Because of that, he’s actually a few weeks into his school year already.

The spotlight for this week’s Rundown is history.  Our Mystery of History focus has been the Siege of Masada, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the destruction of Pompeii.    History isn’t always easy to digest and this week was filled with sadness.   I’m so thankful that homeschooling allows me the opportunity to walk with him as he learns about the harder things in life.

The Rundown - Week 1, 2015
Prissy’s new year will start in a few weeks.  I’m holding off so that the holidays weaved into God’s Little Explorers will line up with the calendar later in the year.  For now, she’s helping me review an upcoming preschool curriculum from Knowledge Box Central.  We’re having so much fun with it and I’m looking forward to telling you more about it soon!

From our hide and seek letter hunts, to worksheets, to active play, Prissy is a happy girl!  When you add all of this to her time taking care of her babies  (Ana, Elsa, and the gang), having tea parties, and helping The Boy with whatever he’s working on, she’s just as busy as ever.

The Rundown - Week 1, 2015 - Homeschooling Preschool

The Rest of it

If you follow on Instagram, you probably got a look at the newest member of our household already.  That eight week-old puppy in the first photo is Sasha and, to be perfectly honest, she makes homeschooling a challenge like never before!  I would’ve never dreamed we’d need to school around a puppy’s schedule, but God likes to keep me on my toes like that.

Also, in case you need a reminder, we serve a great God.   Maybe you’ve done the unthinkable, are burdened beyond belief, or maybe you’re just feeling unlovable.  Know this: you are forgiven, you are not alone, and you are wildly loved today and everyday.  He is a God of mercy, of faithfulness, and relentless pursuit.  Whatever it is, give it to Him.  He’s so much bigger than your junk, my friend.  His mercy is new every morning and it doesn’t run out.  Rest in that today.

Rundown - Week in Review - Lamentations 3:22-23

That’s it for us this week.   From our table to yours, have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. This is my first week of linking up with “Collage Friday”! I’m excited to meet more homeschool moms and find new blogs to follow. 🙂 I am the mom to four dachshunds, so I know how much a puppy can alter a schedule! 🙂 Lauren

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