The Rundown – Week in Review

My head is still spinning from the last few weeks, but I think I’m finally getting myself together.  Grab some coffee, maybe some carbs too.  Let’s catch up a bit. 

Rundown Week in Review Planting Tree

The Move

We moved two weeks ago, and, slowly but surely, the unpacked boxes are diminishing and art is going up on the walls.  We’ve even managed to get our mailbox up and plant an oak tree. 


I had big plans to school the entire time and never miss a beat, you know, because I’m overzealous like that.  Did it happen?  Not so much.  Strangely enough, we got a decent amount accomplished last week, but I needed time to regroup this week.  Other than a unit test, this week has been nothing but lesson planning for me. 

Rundown Week in Review Homeschool collage Preschool Letter of the Week Early Learning
Gorgeous Stuff

It’s been busy, but I didn’t miss what God was doing in the skies around me.  There was some truly awesome stuff happening.  We serve an awesome Creator! 

Week in Review Sunset collage
Women of Joy

It seemed crazy to pack up a week after we moved and head to the Women of Joy Conference in Myrtle Beach.  There was so much still to be done and it was hard to put it all on hold, but I knew God had me going for a reason.

One incredible thing that happened during the conference involved Compassion International.  We’ve sponsored a boy in Uganda for several years; he and The Boy share the same date of Birth.  Hubby and I have talked on and off about sponsoring another child, but this time around we hoped to find a young girl so Prissy could feel connected in the same way.  We had good intentions, but never took the time to find this girl. 

When a former Compassion child spoke at the conference, I immediately felt God nudging me to find our girl.  Hearing the testimony of Compassion sponsorship in action was life changing.  Between that and the K. P. Yohannan books I’ve read over the last year, I knew this girl needed to come from India.  It took some digging, but I found a baby girl in India only two days older than Prissy and knew God was calling us to be her sponsor family.  That baby’s face brought tears to my eyes.

Women of Joy Stronger 2015 Myrtle Beach Compassion Worship Liz Curtis Higgs
Women of Joy Stronger Conference, our Compassion child, and me with the lovely Liz Curtis Higgs.

God used this Women of Joy Stronger Tour to speak to me in many ways.  Here are just a few truths from the conference that are still working in me: 

That’s The Rundown for this week.  Savor your time around the table.  Make your moments count! 

As for us, we’re heading out to Virginia to watch my favorite guy get his degree from Liberty University.

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