The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned from My Kids

 “Teach us to number our days carefully
so that we may develop wisdom in our hearts.”

~ Psalm 90:12

What I've Learned from My Kids(Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.)

We’ve been using Legacy Marbles in our home for a while now.  We have two jars of marbles and we remove one marble per jar each week.  We started with nearly 1,000 marbles in each jar, enough marbles to represent each week we have with our kids from birth through high school graduation.

The Most Important Thing
I’ve Learned from My Kids

We’re losing our marbles faster than we’d like, but it’s a great visual reminder to use our time intentionally.

What I've Learned from My Kids

Time matters.

It sounds simple, but that’s the most important thing I’ve learned from my kids.  They need time.

Time to be kids.
Time to play.
Time to explore.
Time to enjoy.
Time to learn.
Time to be together.

Time to rest.

We need time, too.  Time matters and it’s why we’re advocates for the lifestyle we have through homeschooling.  It gives us the opportunity to make the most of our time.

What I've Learned from My Kids

Time to build them

“Our words carry enormous weight in our children’s minds. 
Our words actually shape their view of themselves in profound ways.” 

From daily interactions to homeschool to heart-to-heart talks, our words make a difference.  It’s imperative to use our time to build our children and help them become who God wants them to be.

Encouragement is easy when things go as planned, but what about the rest of the time?  Moments of frustration can be some of the greatest building moments.  I remind myself frequently not to let irritation take hold and use those moments to build.

Time to be with them

A morning last week stands out. It was a rough school day for us despite my efforts to plan ahead and have everything running smoothly.  We were all tired, cranky, and distracted.  Nothing was going according to my Well-Planned Day.

Why not add some challenging behavior to our nasty morning?  Prissy did the opposite of anything I asked of her.  It seemed as though the only words I had spoken to her at that point were “No,” “Stop,” and “If you don’t quit, I’m going to…”

Not my best morning, but it eventually clicked.  We needed to leave The Boy on his own and have some girl time.  We headed upstairs, snuggled up on the couch, and watched Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.  All was well after that point.  She didn’t need tough love, correction, or punishment.  She needed time with me.

What I've Learned from My Kids

Time to Point Them to the Father

They’re watching and learning from me.  The good, the bad, and everything in between.  What I pour into them makes a difference. For better or worse, my influence counts in massive ways.  On the days that I’m less than perfect -which is every day- I tell them the truth:  Mom needs grace and forgiveness just like everyone else.  I need my Father every moment, every day.

[ctt template=”7″ link=”HnU2f” via=”yes” ]For better or worse, the influence I have on my kids counts in massive ways. #parenting #ihsnet[/ctt]

And if I have a good day, it’s all because of Him.  It’s never my doing.  The good in me is only because of the good in God.  The bad in me is nothing more than my need for God.  They need to know that. The best thing I can do with this gift of time is use it to point my kids to God.  It’s what we’re all called to do:

“Love the Lord your God with all of your heart,
with all your soul, and with all your strength.
These words that I am giving you today are to be in your heart.
Repeat them to your children.
Talk about them when you sit in your house
and when you walk along the road,
when you lie down and when you get up.
Bind them as a sign on your hand
and let them be a symbol on your forehead.
Write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”
Deuteronomy 6: 5-9

Time matters.  Use it wisely.

What I've Learned from My Kids
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6 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned from My Kids”

  1. The thought of having marble jars, and watching the marbles decrease almost makes me want to cry! It’s like the opposite of counting down to Christmas 🙁

    What a great visual reminder of the brevity of our time with our kiddos.

    1. You’re not the first person that’s felt that way about our marbles, Alison! Nearly every time we have new visitors in our home we have to find a way to lighten the mood after we explain the two jars sitting in our homeschool room! 😉

  2. adrienne fiedler

    Growing up my parents purchased a 21 candle. Each year on my birthday it was lit and burned down to the next number, ending with 21. So as I grew the candle got smaller. When my sister started her family she searched all the internet for a similar candle to use with her girls. Me, I have no 21 candle in my home. I couldn't bare it. Maybe because our family was started with kids who were 8 and 5 years of age? Can you see me sawing off 8 years in one go? My hubs has accidentally started a 25 year tradition of bringing me marbles. He found some on a job site buried from a long forgotten play yard. Ever since he finds them randomly. Over the years I have added them to a glass vase, which now is almost half full. I look at the jar and am reminded of each time my hubs held a marble and thought of me. So, I am sure there are many ways to remind ourselves of passing time. I am just too sentimental to empty a jar or burn an annual candle. It is amazingly important that we focus on the present, however we are reminded. Excellent post, hit very close to my heart.

    1. I've never heard of the birthday candle, but you're right: it would be even harder to take so much off at one time.

      I love that he brings you marbles. 🙂

  3. Robert Thompson

    Wow. Really awesome. Loved this one. This is, in my opinion, the foundation for the homeschool argument. Time is absolutely priceless and yes our kids absolutely hang on our every word and action, or whom ever that figure is in their life, teachers friends etc. We have to be the influence or someone else will be. Its amazing how many parents either don't get it or just don't care. It truly amazes me

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