Nature Book Club: Easy Telescope Craft for Kids

Looking for simple ways to add some hands-on fun while you study space science with your kids? You’re in the right place! I’m sharing a quick and easy telescope craft you’re going to love!

The best part is that it’s a fun way to become familiar with constellations and practice looking for them in the night sky.

Nature Book Club: Easy Telescope Craft for Kids

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We’ve spent the last several months studying space science through The Good and The Beautiful and it’s been a great experience for us.

My kids and I have loved this unit for a couple of reasons. One of those reasons involves Jeanne Bendick’s Along Came Galileo, the main reading suggestion that accompanies the unit. This biography explores Galileo’s early years, personal life, and career, but also highlights the curiosities, experiments, and his groundbreaking contributions to science, math, and physics.

This book has been a fantastic read aloud for us and has shown us just how ahead of his time Galileo actually was. In particular, we’ve been fascinated by his invention of the telescope and the new world of discoveries it sparked. That’s where this telescope craft comes into the picture!

Speaking of the telescope craft, that’s the other reason this space science unit has been such a good fit for us. It’s been a great combination of reading, notebooking, and hands-on learning opportunities like the telescope craft I’m sharing here today.

Easy Telescope Craft for Kids

Here are the supplies you’ll need to gather for your telescope craft:

Step 1 – Decorate Roll

The first step is to decorate the paper towel roll. You can use paint and markers like we did, but stickers and colored masking tape work well too.

Also, my daughter wanted a bright and colorful telescope, but you can also paint it black, gray, or another solid color to make it resemble a real telescope a bit more.

Easy Telescope Craft for Kids

Step 2 – Prepare Tissue Paper

The next step is to prepare the tissue paper by cutting it into squares. The size doesn’t matter too much, but I recommend making them around 5 x 5 so you have plenty of paper to work with when you secure them to the roll.

When the paper towel tube is dry from step 1, secure a tissue paper square to one end of the tube using a rubber band.

Quick and Easy Telescope Craft

Step 3 – Create Constellations

Once the first tissue paper square is secure, choose some constellations to create. We used our Nature Anatomy book and our Constellation Wheel for inspiration, but you can use any space resources you have on hand.

After choosing a few constellations, work with your kiddo to create the star pattern by poking holes in the tissue paper with a toothpick.

Easy Telescope Craft

When you finish the constellation, point your telescope toward a light source and take a look.

That’s the basic idea. Repeat the process as much as desired by removing the tissue paper and creating new constellations.

Easy Telescope Craft

If you’re looking for more ideas to explore space in your homeschool, I encourage you to check out The Waldock Way’s Space Unit Study, our solar system art project, and our favorite books about the moon. :)

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