Meeting the Master Artists: Claude Monet Unit Study Resources

Planning to introduce your kids to master artist Claude Monet? I’ve got some wonderful Monet unit study resources to share with you today. (Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.) Claude Monet is one of the names that resurfaces in our homeschool pretty frequently. Because of that, we’ve discovered[Read more]

Quentin Blake: Bringing Stories to Life Through Illustration

Quentin Blake Unit Study

Like many of his fans, my son became interested in illustrator Quentin Blake and his work through reading Roald Dahl’s books. Over time, Blake’s whimsical drawings caught my son’s attention more and more and led us to exploring his life and work through a Quentin Blake Unit Study. (Post contains affiliate[Read more]

Charles Schulz Unit Study with Free Printable Pack

We never get tired of inviting Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang into our home through comic collections and TV specials. In true homeschool fashion, our love for Charlie Brown led us to investigating Peanuts and its creator through a Charles Schulz Unit Study. (Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.) As[Read more]