Thanksgiving Resources for Your Homeschool

Looking for Thanksgiving resources for your homeschool? I’ve found ten great options to help you explore the holiday with your kids. (Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.) Some of these Thanksgiving resources are made to last for a couple of days, while some are designed to use throughout the month[Read more]

The Love Letters Series: Holiday Books for Christian Kids

It can be tough to find holiday books for my kids that are respectful to our Christian worldview. What’s even tougher is finding books that explain current holiday traditions and the root of those traditions through the lens of our worldview. I received a complimentary copy of these titles for[Read more]

The Best of 2015 ~ Your Favorite Posts

Life at the Table Best of 2015 - Reader Favorites

I can hardly believe this little blog of mine is a year old now!  I’m still growing and learning all I can about the world of blogging — part of that involves running numbers and seeing what kinds of posts connected with you the most this year. (This post contains affiliate[Read more]

The Rundown – Week in Review – Week 10

The Rundown - Week in Review - Week 10

Happy Weekend, friend!  It’s been a beautiful (and slightly warm) fall week around here.  We’ve stayed plenty busy  and even let the kiddos in on some upcoming travel plans.  In fact, you probably heard the squeals from your home. (This post contains affiliate links; please see disclosure for further details.)[Read more]