Homeschool Helpers – Favorite Supplemental Sites

Even the best homeschool curriculum needs to be supplemented from time to time. Whether it’s to enhance learning or further explore topics of interest, I’ve come to rely on several fantastic supplemental sites in our homeschool.

Homeschool Helpers - Favorite Supplemental Sites

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Today I’m sharing those go-to resources for supplementing and how they’ve helped in our homeschool. Let’s get started, shall we?

My Favorite Homeschool Supplemental Sites

1. Pinterest

It’s likely that you’re already familiar with the goldmine Pinterest can be, but it truly is my number one go-to for supplemental homeschool resources.

I mean, where else are you going to get such a huge variety of ideas in one place? You can find help from other homeschooling parents, publishers, teachers, and everyone in between.

If we’re not connected there already, I’d love to have you follow me on Pinterest. I’m pinning new homeschool ideas each day!

That help can come in the form of free printables, book lists, Netflix ideas, activities, crafts, and so much more, all to go along with your lesson plans and take your child’s learning to the next level. All you need to do is search and read.

2. Knowledge Box Central

Knowledge Box Central is full of supplemental homeschool resources. You can find a huge variety of lapbooks, copywork pages, journals, and so much more in their store. The best part is these resources are all high in quality, but low in cost.

We’ve used several Knowledge Box Central products throughout our homeschool years, but our favorites are Learning Letter by Letter, the Stages of the Ages history timeline, and their holiday packs.

Want to see how we've used the Knowledge Box Central holiday packs? See our Martin Luther King, Jr. Unit Study Resources for details.
Homeschool Helpers - Favorite Supplemental Sites
This fun letter hunt activity came from a Letter by Letter activity we found on Knowledge Box Central.

3. Teachers Pay Teachers

This is a great place for supplemental material and I’ve used it more times than I can count over the years. Although I usually go for the free or low-cost items offered through Teachers Pay Teachers, there’s a whole world of teaching resources available there.

If common core implementation is a concern for you, keep in mind that many of these resources are geared towards public school teaching styles. Despite this, most can be adjusted to fit homeschool needs.

4. All in One Homeschool

I’ve never used All in One Homeschool as our full curriculum, but I often head that way for non-traditional ideas for history and science. Let the record show that there’s much more to the site than these two subjects though!

I use the Scope and Sequence pages to help me determine what lines up with my lesson plans and then go from there to find the appropriate topics and schedule day.

Also worth noting, my kids have loved everything they’ve done through All in One Homeschool. I’m so thankful that the Giles family shares their labor of love with the rest of us through the site!

5. Magic Tree House

My son loved spending time on this site, but it’s more than fun and games! If you click on the For Teachers tab in the upper right corner, you’ll find a world of educational resources to go along with the books.

Like many other mainstream resources, these are designed for use with a classroom full of kids in mind, but there’s a plethora of good stuff here and it’s worth a look, especially when planning for history and science.

(Homeschool Helpers - Favorite Supplemental Sites)  Here's an old pic of my son working on one of the Magic Tree House activities.
Here’s an old photo of my son doing on the games found on the Magic Tree House site.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a fantastic resource for homeschooling and what makes it especially awesome is just how much is available there.

For math, it offers grade-appropriate video instruction along with follow up questions to test mastery before allowing the student to move on. Add the points-based achievement and mastery system and you’ve got a site most kids will love.

But wait, there’s more! Khan Academy isn’t all about math. You can also use Khan for full curriculum or specific lessons in science and engineering, computing, arts and humanities, economics, and even test prep. In other words, it’s awesome for upper level homeschooling!

7. Crayola

Oddly enough, my favorite Crayola resources aren’t terribly artsy. Sure, the art-based lesson plans on the site are great for not-so artsy folks, but the free coloring pages can be used in lots of ways.

For example, you can use the places pages to go with geography studies or plants and animals to go with nature study or other science topics.

8. is a great supplemental homeschool resource if you’re looking for worksheets and quizzes. There’s a limit to the number of free resources you can download each month, but you can pay for membership if you prefer to avoid that cap.

This site’s especially great if you’ve got preschoolers or elementary kiddos. You can search their library of peruse the site; either way, you’ll find tons of lesson plans, hands-on ideas, games, and more.

Homeschool Supplemental Resources in Action

So, what does all this supplementing look like and how does it come together? Here’s one example:

If you’ve got a Magic Tree House fan in your home, you can use the books to your advantage. When we studied the Revolutionary War a few years ago, my son read Revolutionary War on Wednesday on his own, then we worked through the matching American Revolution Fact Tracker together.

We also made a Revolutionary War on Wednesday lapbook we found on CurrClick and used the free printables we found on the Magic Tree House website.

Add all of that, plus the Liberty’s Kids DVD, to our textbook and we had it covered pretty well. If I stuck to using that text alone in all of this, it’s likely that it would’ve fallen flat and my kiddo would’ve retained very little of what he read.

In closing, supplementing isn’t always needing, but it can be a great way to bring learning to life in your homeschool!

Looking for more resources for your homeschool? Stop by iHomeschool Network’s Resources for Homeschool Moms Link-up and see what you can find. There’s lots of good stuff waiting for you there!

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