Book Review: The SuperMom Myth by Becky Kopitzke

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Let’s face it, we face all kinds of nasty battles in the seasons of motherhood.  We love our children and families fiercely, but this mothering gig isn’t for the faint of heart.  And, more often than not, it feels like the only way to get through is to grab a mask and a cape and try to do it all.

Book Review: The SuperMom Myth by Becky Kopitzke

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To make things even more interesting, when we’re in the trenches, we don’t always know how to fight or even what we’re fighting.  We just don the SuperMom uniform, trying to fool ourselves into thinking that’s who we need to be, but end up feeling less than, like we’re not enough in every possible way.  It’s ridiculous.

Letting Go of Perfect & The SuperMom Myth

Despite what we see as we scroll through our Pinterest feeds, there are no super hero moms.  That’s where Becky Kopitzke’s The SuperMom Myth comes in.  Chapter by chapter, The SuperMom Myth identifies the Dirty Villains of Motherhood (Martyr Mom, Calendar Queen, and Weary Wife, to name a few) and provides the kryptonite needed to win each battle against them.

Through lots of real talk and humorously relatable experiences, Becky — because we’re on a first name basis like that —encourages us to let go of perfect and instead embrace motherhood the way God intended.  Better yet, she shares scripture and practical tips to help us fight the villains and reclaim the joy in this parenting journey.

Book Review: The SuperMom Myth by Becky Kopitzke

Raising Moms, Not Children

I love that all of the descriptions of The SuperMom Myth clearly state that it’s not a book about raising children.  Instead, The SuperMom Myth is a book about raising moms.  While it’s easy to read book after book on how to better parent our children, that doesn’t do much good if we’re not willing to work on our hearts.

As Becky asks, “Can we really expect more from our kids than we do from ourselves?”  That question is exactly why The SuperMom Myth is so valuable.  It’s all about equipping us with the tools and insight needed to conquer the joy-stealers of motherhood.

Another thing I appreciate is the study guide for single moms.  Sure, there’s an entire chapter specifically addressing the relationship shared between husband and wife, but don’t think this book isn’t helpful for single mothers too.  Questions for reflection and suggestions for application are included to specifically encourage unmarried mothers as well.

A Change in Perspective

We are in the center of God’s blessings right here, right now.  Who knew they’d smell like peanut butter and Pull-Ups, right?”

We can all benefit from refreshing our perspective. That’s what The SuperMom Myth is all about.  It’s about a shift in perspective through accepting that there are no perfect moms, but also knowing how to handle the things that are keeping us from enjoying each season of motherhood amidst the muck and the mess that comes along with it.  Ultimately though, it’s about knowing where our true help comes from: Jesus.  It’s through Him that we are strengthened, empowered, and equipped.

Book Review: The SuperMom Myth by Becky Kopitzke

Bottom Line:  I can’t imagine a mom not benefiting greatly from The SuperMom Myth.  The SuperMom Myth feels more like meeting friend for coffee and encouragement than another Christian parenting book to read.  I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of book I need in my life right now: one with real talk, scripture-based advice, and incentive to keep going on the I just stepped on a LEGO days.

Where to purchase The SuperMom Myth

You can purchase your copy of Becky Kopitzke’s The SuperMom Myth at Amazon through the image below or by checking with other favorite booksellers.

You can connect with Becky by visiting and through social media: Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram / Google+.  You can also connect with The SuperMom Myth publisher, Barbour Publishing, at or here: Twitter / Facebook / YouTube.

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