Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Learn a Foreign Language

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Foreign languages have always been on our homeschool to-do list, but it’s been hard to dive into learning a new language during our regular school year. Thankfully I’ve discovered another opportunity to approach this subject with my kids: summer.

As it turns out, summer is the perfect time to learn a foreign language!

Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Add Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids to Your Homeschool

That said, I don’t think using every foreign language curriculum works well for summer learning, but I’ve found one we love and I’m excited to share it with you today!

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My kids and I discovered Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids, a video-based immersion program, and have found it to be perfect for our summer homeschool plans. Here’s why:

Why Summer Is The Perfect Time for Foreign Languages for Kids

1. Summer schedules have margin

Subjects like foreign languages tend to be put on the back burner during the school year. We all understand the benefits of our kids learning another language, but many of us can’t focus on these “extra” subjects due to the other demands of homeschooling.

I mean, how are we going to make time for foreign language when we’re barely meeting our math, history, and science goals from September to May?

Here’s the thing: the average homeschool schedule is lighter in the summertime. Many homeschool families follow a traditional school calendar and don’t spend the summer months with any sort of planned homeschooling.

Why Summer Is The Perfect Time for Foreign Languages for Kids

Even year-round homeschool families tend to reduce the workload once June rolls around. That’s why summer is a great time to add Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids to your homeschool. Since there’s not as much going on, these short Spanish lessons integrate easily into day-to-day life in summer.

2. Foreign Languages for Kids
supports a relaxed learning atmosphere

Since homeschool schedules usually get lighter during summer or take a break altogether, it can get tough to get back into our routines when fall arrives. Honestly, that’s one the reasons we prefer to school year-round, but I digress.

By adding foreign language to your summer homeschool plans, your kids not only benefit from learning the language itself, but the process alone helps maintain a learning mindset without the overwhelm of a full homeschool routine.

The program itself can take as little as ten minutes a lesson and can be done according to your own schedule. That makes it easy to create a relaxed summer environment while maintaining that learning mindset.

3. It’s fun!

Whether your kids are used to homeschooling throughout summer or not, Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids doesn’t feel “schoolish” because it’s fun. That’s what makes it perfect for summer learning!

We’ve tried an immersion-based Spanish curriculum before — one that’s a popular a click-and-go software — and it was a rough experience. It wasn’t made with kids in mind and it was it was a chore. So much so that my son ended up begging me to quit and try again in a few years.

Why Summer Is The Perfect Time for Foreign Languages for Kids

That’s where we’ve learned that Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids is different. Both of my kiddos, the five year-old and the eleven year-old, love watching these videos because they’re literally made for kids by kids. They’re funny and relatable all while teaching Spanish. It makes a huge difference!

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The fun doesn’t stop with the video lessons. My kiddos are loving the Dice-Off game. This board game is a fun and engaging way to review Spanish lessons and practice what they’ve learned.

4. No prep needed!

Even those of us who are homeschooling year-round appreciate a smooth and easy summer. The great thing about Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids is that there’s no prep needed!

My kids are learning through the online membership and I can honestly say that there’s nothing more for me to do than get them logged in to the lessons. They’re even reviewing the material by using online “workbooks” that greatly resemble games. Note: that fun I mentioned in the last point is back again. 😉

I don’t know about you, but not having to spend my summer planning and preparing homeschool lessons is a huge perk! After all, even homeschool parents need breaks!

Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Learn a Foreign Language

How do you approach summer learning in your home? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! 🙂

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