Starry Night Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Need an easy Christmas craft to enjoy with your kids? We’ve got you covered with this van Gogh-inspired Starry Night Christmas ornament tutorial.

One of our favorite things about this Starry Night ornament craft is that there’s not a lot of precision needed to pull it off. That makes it a great choice for kids of all ages and artistic abilities.

This Starry Night Christmas ornament craft for kids is a fun way to add some van Gogh-inspired creativity to your holidays.

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Starry Night Ornament Craft for Kids

Ready to get started with your Starry Night ornament? Here’s what you’ll need to have on hand: 

Starry Night Ornament Supply List

I also recommend having a print out or photo of the painting for reference as you work. Better yet, check out this van Gogh art appreciation unit and consider completing this ornament craft along with The Starry Night lesson in particular. It’s optional, but it’s a nice way to add some art appreciation to your crafting time.

Once you gather the supplies needed, you and your kiddos can create your own Starry Night for the Christmas tree.

1. Paint the inside.

Start off by drizzling some of the blue craft paint into the ornament. Then, cover the opening with a finger and carefully move the paint around and allow it to coat the surface inside.

If you want, add a drizzle of white, a metallic paint, or another shade of blue to fully coat the inside. While these other colors are optional, adding them will create swirls and pockets of color inside your Starry Night ornament.

Starry Night Christmas Ornament Craft - Step 1

When you finish this process, allow some time for drying. The inside doesn’t have to be completely dry at this point, but it can make things messier than necessary. It’s always nice to prevent potential for additional mess, right?

Heads up:  More paint inside = more time for drying. You may need to wait several hours or overnight before moving on to the next step if you have an overly enthusiastic crafter.

2. Add the night sky.

After the inside is dry — or mostly dry — use a paint pen to add stars and the moon around the ornament. We did this by using our gold and yellow paint pens.

Starry Night Christmas Ornament Craft for Kid - Step 2

When those elements dry, use a white pen to frame the stars and moon with short markings. (If you use a brush and white paint for this step, be sure to keep the brush strokes short.)

Next, use the paint pens to add the iconic swirls from The Starry Night.

Starry Night Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids - Step 2

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3. Seal and enjoy.

Once the paint is completely dry, carefully “paint” a layer of Mod Podge over the outside of the ornament. This will seal your Starry Night and prevent paint from being scratched off by any tree branches.

Starry Night Christmas Ornament Craft - Step 3

When the layer of Mod Podge dries, replace the ornament top and add a ribbon or ornament hanger and display it on your Christmas tree.

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Looking for more hands-on Christmas fun to enjoy with your kiddos? We’ve got you covered:

This Starry Night Christmas ornament craft for kids is a fun way to add some van Gogh-inspired creativity to your holidays.

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