Who Was Mini Unit Study: a MARVELous Way to Learn About Stan Lee

Bring the Who Was book series to your homeschool with mini unit studies like this Who Was Stan Lee Unit Study from The Waldock Way.

Who Was Mini Unit Study: a MARVELous Way to Learn About Stan Lee

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Since my kiddos are both into all things Marvel these days, it didn’t surprise me at all to see my youngest eyeing Who Was Stan Lee? the last time we were at the library. That’s why I knew this Who Was Stan Lee Mini Unit Study would be a great way to dig a little deeper while making room for some interest-led learning. 

Before I share details about this Stan Lee study, keep in mind that there are a bunch of other mini unit study options available through The Waldock Way. These range from historical figures to entertainers to scientists to inventors, so we’re excited to work through others in the coming months. 

Stan Lee Unit Study 

This probably goes without saying, but our Stan Lee study centers around Who Was Stan Lee? whereas the unit study resource itself combines notebooking and interactive elements about Stan Lee’s life and career. 

The notebooking-style elements include:

  • Biography page
  • Copywork pages
  • Timeline 
  • Compare and contrast activity
  • Coloring page
  • and additional activities.

Beyond the notebooking elements, the study features a reading list, video playlist, and game list along with a printable trivia card game and timeline matching game.

Who Was Stan Lee Mini Unit Study

Also worth noting, the study is appropriate for all ages. I saw this for myself since my 10-year-old worked through all of it and my high schooler joined us for some parts.

What We LOVED About This Stan Lee Mini Unit Study

Now that you know a little about the unit study, here’s what we especially enjoyed about our time learning about Stan Lee.

1. It’s just enough.

After you’ve been homeschooling a while, you know how difficult it can be to find the right balance when it comes to interest-led learning. That said, even with child-led learning, there’s a fine line between taking a deep dive on a topic of interest and sucking the joy out of something.

Who Was Stan Lee Mini Unit Study

This Stan Lee Mini Unit Study strikes the perfect balance. My kiddo was able to explore Stan Lee’s life and career, the origins of Marvel, hear Stan talk about what makes great characters, and document all of it without any of it being overkill. It was truly the perfect way to study this iconic comic creator.

2. It’s engaging.

Since I alluded to how easy it can be to suck the joy out of a topic, I’m happy to say that our experience learning about Stan Lee wasn’t that way at all. Instead, my kiddo was engaged the entire time we were working through this mini unit study.

From our reading about Stan Lee to watching the recommended video playlist to the trivia game to documenting all of it, she was interested, learning a ton, and happy that this was a part of our homeschool lineup.

This mini unit study is a great way to explore the life and career of Stan Lee with your kiddos!
These trivia questions can be used just for fun, but they also make it super easy to encourage discussion and check for comprehension.

Also worth noting, my kiddo has been starting lots of conversations with “Did you know Stan Lee…” thanks to our time with this fun study. I call that a win any day. 🙂 

3. It’s open-and-go.

Lastly, I so appreciated the open-and-go nature of this unit study. Now that I’m homeschooling, working, and back in school myself, I need resources that make my life easier.

This mini unit study was the perfect way to help my kiddo deep dive into an area of interest without causing any stress on me. We borrowed Who Was Stan Lee? book from our library, printed the study, and worked through it a little at a time.

Keep in mind that suggested resources like games and additional books are included, but the beauty of this study is that we were able to get a ton out of it by using only the resources that were already available to us. We didn’t miss out on anything by not including all the extras… that’s something I celebrate in this busy season of life!

Learn More about the Who Was/Who Is Studies

You can (and totally should) head to The Waldock Way to learn more about this Stan Lee study or any of the awesome Who Was/Who Is studies.

These Who Was/Who Is unit studies make it super fun to learn about important people from the past and present.

While you’re there, be sure to check into other fun offerings like Traveling the Parks, Waldock’s Wizards and Wands (who doesn’t love some Harry Potter-themed learning?!?), and this human body unit study. Whether you’re looking to dig into the Who Was books with your kiddo or simply want to add more interest-led learning to your lineup, you’ll find plenty of homeschool inspiration waiting for you there.

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This mini unit study is a great way to explore the life and career of Stan Lee with your kiddos!

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