Spartanburg Methodist College: A Homeschool Friendly Liberal Arts College

Neither of my kids are quite ready for college applications, but we do have one middle schooler now. Since we’re getting closer to our final years of homeschooling, I’m paying more attention to our homeschool choices and how they’ll impact his education once he completes high school. That’s why I was grateful to learn of Spartanburg Methodist College, a homeschool-friendly liberal arts college.

Spartanburg Methodist College: A Homeschool Friendly Liberal Arts College

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I believe wholeheartedly in homeschooling and I can say without a doubt that the homeschool life is a gift to our family. Nonetheless, that one-on-one learning environment we have at home doesn’t always make for a smooth transition to the college grind.

Now you know why I’m grateful to learn more about Spartanburg Methodist College, a private liberal arts college that embraces homeschoolers.

Spartanburg Methodist College:
A Homeschool Friendly Liberal Arts College

Spartanburg Methodist College is a wonderful college option for homeschoolers. It’s located in lovely Spartanburg, South Carolina, nearly an hour away from Charlotte, North Carolina, and within a three-hour drive of Charleston, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia.

What sets it apart from many other choices is that it’s a private, two-year residential college that offers a liberal arts education in a Christian-centered environment.

Better yet, the college focuses on helping students successfully make the transition from high school to college. You can imagine how valuable that is for homeschoolers who aren’t used to the dynamics of classroom life, much less life on a college campus.

Spartanburg Methodist College: A Homeschool Friendly Liberal Arts College

This smooth transition from high school to college happens through two years of general college education courses and through preparing to transfer to another college and university for the final two years of a bachelor’s degree.

Why Consider Spartanburg Methodist College?

Here are a few reasons a homeschool-friendly college could be the best fit for homeschooled students: 

  • Professors are also academic advisors. That’s not typically true of college faculty, but I like the idea of my homeschooled students being mentored by their professors more so than lectured and left to figure it all out on their own. 
  • Students enjoy a small, supportive campus environment. Let’s be honest, homeschoolers are generally used to personal attention and having help nearby. That’s still true at Spartanburg Methodist College. Instead of lecture halls with hundreds of students in one class, students enjoy small classes with professors who are invested in helping their students succeed.
  • Students earn an associate degree. After attending two years and meeting course requirements, SMC students receive associate degrees that easily transfer to other colleges and universities. 
  • It’s a Christian-centered environment. While students of all religious and nonreligious backgrounds are welcome, I love knowing that Spartanburg Methodist College has weekly chapel services, activities, and clubs that aim to help students strengthen their relationships with God during their time on campus.
  • Transfer assistance is available. Most colleges don’t encourage students to transfer to other colleges or universities. SMC is different because most students transfer after two years. That’s why SMC faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students through the transfer process. 

Get Connected with Spartanburg Methodist College

There several ways to learn more about Spartanburg Methodist College:

Do you have a student interested in applying for admission at Spartanburg Methodist College? Be sure to use the code homeschool to have the application fee waived.

You can also follow Spartanburg Methodist College on social media to keep up with news and get a feel for campus life. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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