What to Know About Sonlight’s Eastern Hemisphere HBL

Wondering if Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere could be a good fit for your homeschool lineup? The short answer is yes, but today I’m sharing an overview of this history, Bible, and literature curriculum to help you know why it stands out among other homeschooling options.

Wondering if Eastern Hemisphere HBL could be a good fit for your homeschool? Here's what you need to know about Sonlight F.

*This is a sponsored post and I received a free copy of this curriculum for review. You can read this disclosure to learn more but know that all opinions are my own and I was not asked to write a positive review and all thoughts are my own.*

After moving to a new state the week before Christmas, it took a few weeks of unpacking and settling in to get back to homeschooling. I wish I could say it was as easy as unpacking all the books and supplies and gathering around the table. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Instead, my tweenager needed something fresh and engaging to kickstart our back to homeschool process after the move. That’s where Sonlight F Eastern Hemisphere came into the picture for us. Since my kiddo is fascinated by many of the cultures in the eastern regions, I knew she’d be happy to have them showing up in her homeschool lineup each day. And since I didn’t have the time or focus to DIY this back to homeschool effort, I knew I could trust Sonlight to make it happen. 

We’re only 3 months into our time with Sonlight F, but it has been a great way to settle back into our homeschool routine. Exploring the Eastern Hemisphere through great literature was exactly what we needed! 

Better yet, it’s been perfect for connecting the dots between the history of the Eastern Hemisphere with events happening today and God’s love for all of the people living there. But before I share more of my takeaways thus far, here’s an overview of the curriculum. 

Exploring Japan through Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere History Bible Literature F

Overview of Sonlight F Eastern Hemisphere History/Bible/Literature

If you’re familiar with Sonlight’s educational philosophy, it’s probably no surprise that Sonlight’s Eastern Hemisphere curriculum covers 36 weeks of history, geography, and Bible through some amazing literature picks. Sonlight F, however, is designed with ages 11-14 in mind and is ideal for 6th through 9th grades. 

Also, like the other History/Bible/Literature (HBL) programs, it comes in two formats: 4-day option and the 5-day option. That means you can easily work it into your homeschool routine whether you participate in a co-op or just like to have a buffer day. It also means that you’re covered if a 5-day school week works best for you. Since the formats are a little different, it’s worth noting that there are some slight differences between the 4-day and 5-day options. 

Want a peek at Eastern Hemisphere HBL? 

You can connect with Sonlight through the button below to see Eastern Hemisphere History/Bible/Literature sample before purchasing.  

We’ve been working through the 4-day option for Sonlight F, so I’m sharing with that option in mind. In addition to the Instructor’s Guide, it includes the following:

  • Eastern Hemisphere notebooking pages
  • Books covering history, biographies, and prayer resources
  • Read-alouds
  • Readers
  • Timeline figures
  • Calligraphy kit
  • Origami kit
  • Sing the Word scripture CD
  • The Radical Book for Kids (introduction to biblical history and theology)

As for the Instructor’s Guide itself, it’s broken up into weekly grids, with guidance for what to cover each day included after each week’s lineup. This guidance includes notes for parents, discussion points, and other recommended resources 

Why Choose Sonlight F Eastern Hemisphere HBL?

Now that you know the basics about this curriculum, here’s what sets it apart from other curriculum options. In other words, here’s why Eastern Hemisphere HBL could be a great fit for your homeschool this year. 

Studying the Eastern Hemisphere gives a global perspective.

It’s important to provide students with windows into life in other countries and cultures. Sonlight F makes that happen by focusing on Eastern Hemisphere countries including Russia, China, Japan, India, New Zealand, and Australia. Through this focus, students are introduced to different historical and cultural perspectives that help them develop empathy and understanding. 

Our time studying Japan through Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere HBL included books like Sadako and The Master Puppeteer and fun with origami.

Also, while there’s never been a bad time to explore the Eastern Hemisphere through literature, Sonlight F provides timely insight into current events and the global big picture. This connection has been one of our favorite things about it thus far. For example, reading about Russia’s history, geography, and culture helped my kiddo better understand the situation involving Russia’s war in Ukraine. 

It’s open and teach.

There’s something incredible about opening a Sonlight box, popping the Instructor’s Guide into a binder, and letting it do all the heavy lifting. It’s got plenty of guidance for assembling the Instructor’s Guide, understanding how it works, and accessing additional resources, but it’s also as open-and-teach as they come. 

This calligraphy kit was the perfect addition to our time studying China through Sonlight F.

The beautiful thing about this is that you have every bit of your Eastern Hemisphere studies mapped out for you, down to the daily readings from the different books. That’s a huge relief for those of us who want to let great books do the talking but don’t have time to research our own reading lists and round up the books. Everything is handled including the materials needed for hands-on activities; all you have to do each day is follow the guidance provided. 

It’s comprehensive. 

Since Sonlight’s Eastern Hemisphere curriculum covers history, Bible, and literature, there’s no need to figure out how to work these into your homeschool routine. On the same note, it’s comprehensive to the point that you can opt not to read some of the selections if you need to pull back for whatever reason. If you do so, you’ll still have a wonderful and thorough learning experience with Sonlight F. 

Experimenting with calligraphy with Sonlight F HBL.

The cool thing about the comprehensive nature is that it goes well beyond the literature Sonlight is known for embracing. It’s also comprehensive in its mapping, vocabulary, and discussion prompts. Also, the weekly Bible components include scripture memorization and Bible readings for parents and students together as well as students individually. So, while literature is certainly the foundation of Eastern Hemisphere HBL, there’s more to it than literature alone.


In closing, know that Sonlight’s Eastern Hemisphere HBL is a fantastic solution if you’re looking to dive into Asia, Africa, and the Pacific nations. Its literature foundation provides the perfect backdrop for exploring these countries and cultures from home, while also connecting Biblical perspective to your lessons.

What to Know about Eastern Hemisphere: History/Bible/Literature F from Sonlight

I encourage you to head to Sonlight’s website to learn more about Eastern Hemisphere HBL and place your order. While you’re there, you can also check out their sales and specials and the other Sonlight curriculum packages

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