Song Study Freebie- Indescribable by Laura Story

We’ve been hard at work around our table.  We’re loving Apologia’s Who Is God? and we’ve just started Bright Idea Press’s Christian Kids Explore Biology.  Between these and our regular subjects, we’re moving along quite nicely in our fourth grade. One thing I’m seeing over and over again throughout our homeschool days is a constant reminder that God is so much bigger than we can grasp.  What a blessing to have reminders of His greatness weaved into our daily schedule.

Song Study - Indescribable by Laura Story

From time to time I’ll use hymn studies shared by amazing homeschool bloggers.  I love these kinds of things because of their flexibility and their content. There have been a few times, however, when I thought a newer song would be a better fit for what we were doing in our home.  That’s led me to doing song studies of my own, just like Indescribable by Laura Story.

I’ve always loved that song, but have found it going through my head a lot here lately as we are schooling.  My goodness, those lyrics are incredible… Laura Story is such a gifted songwriter!  What a perfect song for a song study.  I loved finding scriptures to go along with it and reading the story behind the song.  I put it together for us to use and thought you might enjoy it too.

 Indescribable Song Study Free Printable:  Indescribable Song Study


The story behind the song:  Indescribable: Story behind the song


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