4 Tips for Small Space Homeschooling You Can Implement Today

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Once upon a time, we lived in a pretty large house and even had our own homeschool room. Then we downsized, shaved off 1,000 square feet, and said goodbye to said homeschool room. That’s why my latest challenge is adjusting to small space homeschooling again.

4 Tips for Small Space Homeschooling You Can Implement Today

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Since we’re not exactly strangers to small space homeschooling, I shared the tips I learned before moving to the big house in The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Volume 2. That said, every home is different and I’m learning more about how to do this small space homeschooling thing now that we have downsized.

Here are four tips for small space homeschooling that you can implement today… and the best part? They’ll keep your homeschool from taking over the rest of your home!

4 Tips for Small Space Homeschooling
You Can Implement Today

1. Split Up When Necessary

The first thing I’m learning is that we don’t have to be together all day. In fact, it’s often better that my kids aren’t together while they’re working.

It’s nice to have everyone in one space learning together and it may seem counter-intuitive to spread out the mess, but hear me out. When you’re in a small space, you want to keep your main living areas under control when possible. While we generally think of books, papers, and projects spread all over, it’s not just visual clutter that can take over your small space.

Noise takes over. Concentration flees.

4 Tips for Small Space Homeschooling You Can Implement Today
Friend, it’s jut not possible to get my eleven year-old to focus on math while I’m reading aloud this week’s Five in a Row book to my five year-old. He tried to tune it out for a bit, but distractions still happened. He even tried joining us for those read alouds, but that made him feel short on the time needed to complete his assignments.

There’s no getting around it sometimes. You’ve got to split up to get away from the noise and maintain concentration.

2. Integrate Homeschool Items Into Your Decor

I totally acknowledge that you can’t just place a pile of curriculum in the floor and call it decor, but some homeschool items can actually look nice in your living spaces. For example, a nice globe and basket of books look perfectly at home in a family room.

4 Tips for Small Space Homeschooling You Can Implement Today
What do you do for the resources that don’t look so nice? Find a home for them and only get them out when you need them. After all, there’s just no nice way to display a box of Math-U-See manipulatives.

3. Put It Away Each Day

I recently heard Andrew Mellen say on a podcast that clutter is nothing more than delayed decisions. When it comes to living in a small space, one delayed decision is enough to cause overwhelm, disorganization, and even inability to concentrate.

It may sound dramatic, but it’s the very reason clutter can’t be a mainstay. No matter what, have your kids put away their homeschool books, supplies, and resources when they finish working each day.

4. Go Digital When Possible

I love having a book in my hands as much as anyone, but when you’re homeschooling in a small space you’ve got to be aware of your storage limitations. Keep physical copies of the books that mean the most to you, but rely on your Kindle for the rest.

4 Tips for Small Space Homeschooling You Can Implement Today

It’s not an easy thing to do. Trust me, I know, but after condensing the seven bookshelves we had down to one, I can honestly say moving to digital copies hasn’t been so bad after all. 😉

It’s your turn now. Do you have tips for homeschooling in a small space? If so, I’d love to read them in the comments below!

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