Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Suncatcher

Looking for a fun craft to do with your kiddos while you learn about sea turtles? If so, you’ll love this cute and easy sea turtle suncatcher!

Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Suncatcher Craft

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If I’m being completely honest, sea turtle conservation wasn’t even on my radar before we moved to coastal North Carolina, but it didn’t take too many walks on the beach for us to become aware of the dangers sea turtles face.

Between our beach walks, the local aquarium, and the sea turtle rescue center, we think about sea turtles a lot now and we love learning about them.

Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Suncatcher Craft - Sea Turtle Conservation
It’s not uncommon for us to see protected areas like this up and down our beaches.

Sea turtle conservation is a big deal in our area, so we love learning simple ways we can help these beautiful endangered friends.

That’s why we loved reading Follow the Moon Home. In it, a classroom of South Carolina kids work together to help with conservation efforts and removing as many threats to sea turtles as possible.

Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Sun Catcher Craft

We also loved reading One Tiny Turtle and Little Turtle and the Song of the Sea. Both books focus on the natural dangers hatchlings face as they journey to the sea.

These realities aren’t always easy to share with children, but if nothing else we can learn the importance of removing the barriers these sea turtles face because of development, tourism, and all the things we humans leave behind.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on easy conservation steps as we learn about beaches and marine life. It’s also where something as simple as a sea turtle craft comes into the picture.

Sure, it’s just a little craft, but it can serve as a cute reminder to take care of our beaches and the creatures that depend on them for survival.

Sea Turtle Suncatcher Craft

Ready to get started with your sea turtle suncatcher? Here’s what you’ll need to make it happen:

Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Suncatcher Craft - supplies needed

Once you’ve gathered those craft supplies, you can move on to the first step.

Sea Turtle Suncatcher
Step 1. Sketch it out.

The first step is a pretty easy one. Gather your favorite book about sea turtles and look for an overhead illustration of a sea turtle. Then use that illustration to guide you as you lightly sketch the shape onto a sheet of construction paper.

You could also use this drawing tutorial to guide you if you prefer. You’ll just want to stop after Step 4 since it adds details you’ll remove in this project.

Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Suncatcher Craft - Step 1, draw it out.

When you’re finished with the outline of the sea turtle, cut it out (or have your kiddo cut it out). To make the cutout on the inside of the sea turtle suncatcher, carefully poke a hole in the center of the shell space and use it as a starting point to cut the opening inside.

Sea Turtle Suncatcher
Step 2. Prepare contact paper.

Using the sea turtle cutout as a guide, let your kiddo estimate the amount of contact paper needed. Then cut out the paper and repeat the process again. This second sheet will provide the back needed for the craft.

Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Suncatcher Craft - Step 2, trace it.

Sea Turtle Suncatcher
Step 3. Add gift tissue.

Next, remove the backing from one sheet of contact paper and carefully place it on the work surface sticky side up. Then position the sea turtle cutout on the sticky sheet.

Then have your kiddo add bits of gift tissue to the center of the sea turtle by pressing them carefully onto the contact paper. You may prefer to use one or two colors to stay close (or as close as possible) to sea turtle markings, but you could also let your kiddo choose the colors and patterns.

Let’s be honest, they’ll probably do that anyway. 😉

Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Suncatcher Craft - Step 3, add tissue paper

We keep a container full of tissue paper squares for projects like these, but you can also have your kiddo rip little pieces of the tissue for this part. There’s no exact science to this step; just make sure the pieces are small enough and the colors are varied enough to add some interest. 🙂

Sea Turtle Suncatcher
Step 4: Seal and cut.

When the center of the sea turtle is covered with tissue paper, carefully seal it by pressing the other sheet of contact paper onto the exposed side of the turtle.

Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Suncatcher Craft - Step 4, seal the back with another sheet of contact paper.

Next, carefully cut around the turtle.

Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Suncatcher Craft - Step 5, cut out sealed project

Sea Turtle Suncatcher
Step 5. Add eyes.

The last step of our sea turtle craft is to add the eyes. If you have googly eyes with a sticky backing, simply remove the back and position them on the face of the turtle.

If you’re like us and don’t have and eyes with the backing, use a glue stick to stick them to the face.

Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Suncatcher Craft - Step 6, add eyes.

If you don’t have googly eyes, you can also use a sharpie to draw eyes onto the face.

When you’re finished with that step, hold it up to a window and enjoy!

Nature Book Club: Sea Turtle Suncatcher Craft - Finished project on window

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