SAT and ACT Bootcamp from Mr. D Math: Self-Paced Test Prep for Homeschoolers

Want to help your homeschooled teen avoid the overwhelm often associated with ACT or SAT tests? Here’s what you need to know about SAT and ACT Bootcamp from Mr. D Math and how it can make the testing process smoother for your high schooler.

Help your homeschooler reduce ACT and SAT-related stress with self-paced SAT and ACT Bootcamp from Mr. D Math.

(I received free access to this course for review purposes and have been compensated for my time reviewing and writing this. I was not, however, required to write a positive review. Also, this post contains affiliate links; see my disclosure here.)

I’m sure ACT and SAT prep existed when I was a high schooler in the late 90s, but I was completely oblivious to any test-taking strategies, preparation, or practice exams if they were available. 

Whether they existed or not, it doesn’t change the fact that I walked in to take my ACT test not knowing what to expect and being pretty overwhelmed by the gravity of it all. I wish I could say that I was overwhelmed for nothing, but that wasn’t the case for me. I scored lower than expected despite being an honor student throughout middle and high school, which left me embarrassed and too intimidated to try for a better score.

Even worse, I had to take a few unnecessary classes in my first year of college because of this score, which meant I was wasting time and scholarship money on classes I didn’t really need after all.

I share all of this to say that I completely understand that testing doesn’t necessarily gauge a student’s ability or knowledge. Even so, testing is still a part of the college entrance process. That means it’s worth your attention if you’re homeschooling a student who plans to attend college. It also means it’s worth helping your student understand and prepare for these tests *before* taking them.

That’s why I want to share what we’re learning about SAT and ACT Bootcamp from Mr. D Math. My son is planning to take the ACT this year, and I want to be sure he has a much smoother experience than I did, so that’s where this SAT and ACT Bootcamp entered the picture for us.

SAT and ACT Bootcamp from Mr. D Math: Self-Paced Test Prep for Homeschoolers

Now that you know more about our path to this SAT and ACT Bootcamp, I’m happy to share our takeaways thus far. But first, here’s an overview of the course.

SAT and ACT Bootcamp Overview

Mr. D Math has a few different options when it comes to college entrance test prep: SAT prep, ACT prep, and PERT prep (sometimes needed for high school and college dual enrollment). We’re mainly focusing on ACT prep since my teen is more humanities-minded and, since we haven’t decided on our location or date yet, we opted for Mr. D Math’s self-paced bootcamp course

Practice tests go a long way in helping students prepare for ACT testing!

That said, this SAT and ACT Bootcamp course contains 10 modules that cover test prep strategies, practice tests for multiple subjects, games, critical thinking exercises, and state standards. 

 And, since this is a self-paced course, you can work through this bootcamp quickly if needed or integrate it into your teen’s homeschool plans if a slow-and-steady test prep approach is a better fit.

Worth noting, SAT and ACT Bootcamp is more loosely structured than other Mr. D Math courses my teen has taken. Though it follows the same general format as courses like High School Economics or College and Career Readiness, lessons for this course contain different groupings of test-prep resources rather than a curriculum, per se. These resources include lots of printouts, video teachings by Dennis DiNoia (Mr. D himself), and a slew of links to practice opportunities for the tests.  

Why Choose SAT and ACT Bootcamp?

Now that you know more about Mr. D Math’s SAT and ACT Bootcamp course, here’s what I appreciate the most about it. More importantly, here’s why it can be such a valuable part of the testing process for your homeschooler. 

1. It provides flexibility.

I acknowledge that “bootcamp” and “flexibility” aren’t at all connected, but hear me out. Since this is a self-paced course and designed to prepare students for these tests, it really provides the flexibility homeschoolers are accustomed to enjoying. 

SAT and ACT Bootcamp from Mr. D Math: Self-Paced Test Prep for Homeschoolers

Better yet, SAT and ACT Bootcamp focuses on test-prep strategies and guided test practice. That means it’s just a matter of working through the lessons at a pace that works best for your student or your homeschool schedule. 

2. Bootcamp teaches homeschoolers to test.

Some homeschooled students are intentionally not exposed to standardized testing. Yet, some simply don’t encounter these tests for a variety of reasons. That’s why learning how to test is a useful skill for students with plans for college. 

While lots of excellent universities welcome homeschoolers and even make accommodations for all prospective students who don’t test well, opting out of ACT or SAT testing isn’t available across the board with no trade-offs (ex: no-credit prerequisites for core classes). 

This self-paced course is a great way for homeschoolers to prepare for ACT and SAT testing.

And even if admission itself doesn’t rely on certain ACT or SAT scores, knowing how to test can also help when it comes to scholarships or admission to specific programs within your college of choice. Either way, there’s value in introducing your student to these tests, especially if you’ve followed a relaxed or nontraditional educational philosophy. 

3. It’s low stakes and low pressure. 

Speaking of using Mr. D Math’s SAT and ACT Bootcamp as an introduction to testing, I so appreciate that it’s a relaxed environment with no performance pressure. Sure, there are plenty of opportunities for students to practice alone, but they come *after* guided practice. That goes a long way in helping your student become comfortable with these tests before you’ve paid for the test and the score actually matters. 

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In closing, we’re happy to recommend SAT and ACT Bootcamp for any students preparing for these tests. These lessons use a mix of guided practice, testing tips, and resources that will leave your student equipped and confident rather than dreading the process. That’s a gigantic improvement over my experience all those years ago and one I’m grateful my teen can enjoy!

Help your homeschooler reduce ACT and SAT-related stress with self-paced SAT and ACT Bootcamp from Mr. D Math.

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