Reading God’s Word As a Family

A guest post from my friend Kelly from Kelly Cox at Home:

I wish I had more time to spend reading.  Often, I want to read my Bible, a book, a variety of different blogs and the list goes on.  Oh and does browsing Pinterest count? 😉

I wish I read more each day and feel like I never fit enough in.  However, the one thing that I don’t miss reading each day is my Bible.  I truly believe that it’s the most important thing I read and don’t want to miss a day of the Word.  I’m thankful that my husband, Sean, shares my love for scripture.  Today, I will share our “reading story” and a few tips on how we implemented our goal to read scripture each day as a family.

5 Tips for Reading the Bible with Your Family

In the past, we’ve read the Bible through together in 2 1/2 years.  Talk about a wonderful time of growth for us!  Sean and I just started reading and had no idea when (or if!) we’d finish.  However, I’m so glad that we made it all the way through because it was a blessing to our personal walks with God and our marriage!

Once we finished reading through the entire Bible, we weren’t sure what to do next.  We had made reading together such a priority for those couple of years and it seemed odd to stop.  Sean and I prayed about our next step.  We’d attended a conference and bought a Proverbs study and decided to read through that in depth study together.  At this point, it’s a habit and goal for our home, thankfully!

Reading helps you to learn, grow and think differently.  I’m thankful that the Bible refines me, prunes me, encourages me and makes me different.  Amazing, right?!  God’s Word is infallible and can be 100% trusted.  My husband and I figure that there is no better reading material out there!

5 Tips for Reading the Bible with Your Family

I know life is busy; however, I have a few tips to make reading a priority and actually HAPPEN in your home.  I feel like this is important as a wife and soon to be mom!  My prayer is that my husband and I have this “reading thing” down so well that when we welcome our child into the family that we will read scripture with him or her each day too.

Tips for Family Bible Reading:

What gets focused on gets done.

While this statement is not profound, it’s true.  Sean and I often realize that we complete what we focus on.  For example, we never forget to eat dinner at our house!  Since we feel that reading together is important, we tend to do it each day.

Once we made this reading thing a habit, it just stuck!  We will put our time and efforts toward what we hold most dear. Time in the Word and as a family is a blessing to us and at this point essential!

5 Tips for Reading the Bible with Your Family

Set a time.

Sean and I found that after dinner but before we go to bed is the best time for us to read together.  Some people would find mornings better.  However, we both have our individual devotional times in the mornings.  The evenings have just worked out better for us as we formed this family habit.  The key is that we set a time and made it a priority.  If you are consistent then it will fall more easily into place during your day.

Make a Goal

We decided that we’d read a chapter or two out loud together each night.  If the chapter was a shorter one, then we may read more.  By setting a goal, we knew our “expectation” and plan.  If we tried to sit down and read multiple chapters or a whole book, then we’d have gotten burnt out.  Plus, as we read at a slower pace, we were able to discuss and really think about what we’d read.

5 Tips for Reading the Bible with Your Family

Do what works

If reading daily as a family overwhelms you, then try every other day or maybe try a weekly reading.  The goal is to read as a family and not get bogged down and frustrated to try to get it in each day.  Each family has a different schedule and should do what works best for them.

Memory Verses

As you read together, consider memorizing an occasional verse as a family.  My husband and I have done this over the last few years and really enjoyed to quiz each other back and forth as we learned the Bible verse.

Reading as a family, we are able to spend more time in the Word each day, have great discussions and grow in our walks together.  In the past, I would have thought that it was a lofty goal to read daily together but it’s been easier to implement that I would have thought.  We look forward to bringing our baby home and including our little one in our daily family reading.


Kelly Cox from Kelly Cox at Home - 5 Tips for Reading God's Word As a Family
Kelly is a Christ follower, blessed wife and a lover of all things home.  She blogs over at about her journey at home and passion for debt-free living.  She hopes to encourage others in that goal, while sharing tips on how to manage and enjoy all things that make up HOME!  You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.



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