Questions, Answers, & Living with the End in Mind: A Review of Tom Hughes’ Curious

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Somewhere along the way our society decided that life is about knowing all the answers.  As Christians, we’ve also fallen into that trap.  We’ve let ourselves believe that we can’t make a difference until we have all the answers and that there’s no use in trying until then.  It’s a breath of fresh air to know that someone out there is challenging that notion.

Questions, Answers, & Living with the End in Mind: A Review of Tom Hughes' Curious

(I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my review.
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In Curious, author Tom Hughes addresses two main audiences: those who want to know what it looks like to really follow Jesus and those who want to truly make a difference in the lives of others.  For both of those groups, the heart of this message is that the questions we ask, rather than the answers, are what frame the direction we take and impact we make.

“Jesus is the master at leading us with questions …
Maybe because He was interested in something more than people
who could regurgitate the right answers but live the wrong lives.”

The first part of Curious focuses on the importance of questions in the Christian life.  Here, Hughes highlights Jesus’ model of teaching others through asking questions.  In other words, how His method was teaching them to learn in place of supplying them with the answers.  He also discusses how and why asking the right questions and being honest about not knowing all the answers can be hugely beneficial not only to those leading, but also to those they serve.

Questions, Answers, & Living with the End in Mind: A Review of Tom Hughes' Curious

At this point some readers may be be tempted to think that this book is written with ministers and other church leadership in mind, but that’s not the case.

While Hughes writes from his experiences in ministry leadership, he shares example after example of how asking the right questions led the people around him to understand the needs in their community and find ways to meet those needs.  He explains that those questions led them to be the hands and feet of Jesus to many people and, in turn, how lives were changed.  There is much to gain from Curious because all Christians are called to serve.

Questions, Answers, & Living with the End in Mind: A Review of Tom Hughes' Curious

“How is God inviting me to live right now
in light of what will matter in the end?”

While the first part of Curious discusses the importance of questions from a leadership perspective, the second part of the book highlights what those questions look like in the life of a Christ-follower and also how asking the right questions can put ministry in motion.  I especially appreciate that Hughes encourages readers to view ministry from multiple angles.  Ministry in local churches, groups, and on an individual level all receive equal emphasis here, thus echoing the point that all believers are called to ministry in some form.  Again, the message in Curious is something any Christian can benefit from hearing.


Bottom line:
Curious does a great job in showing how knowing the answers has never been enough for Christians in any season of life.  It’s in asking questions, understanding how we arrive at the answers, and what we do with them that helps us to understand where our greatest impact is made.

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