Our Favorite Pokemon Gift Ideas for Kids

Looking for Pokemon gift ideas for a kiddo in your family? My kids and I sat down together and created this fun gift list to help out.

Our Favorite Pokemon Gift Ideas for Kids

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You don’t have to spend too much time in our home to know we’re a Pokemon-loving family. In fact, we’ve all got our own decks and battle each other regularly, so it probably goes without saying that we discuss all things Pokemon pretty often. That’s how this list of Pokemon gift ideas came to be.

Our Favorite Pokemon Gift Ideas

Some ideas on the list go along with the game itself, while some are items inspired by the game. Also worth noting, my 13 year old son and 7 year old daughter helped me make this list of Pokemon gift ideas. Not only are these ideas kid approved, they’re kid-picked!

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Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’ll find something here for your favorite Pokemon fan.

1. Pokemon Cards

If you’ve got Pokemon fans in your home, chances are they’ve got Pokemon starter sets and are itching to get their hands on new cards.

We love these Golden Groundhog card lots for adding to our decks when we’re not looking for anything in particular, but we stick with the Pokemon Tins when our kids are looking to add specific cards to their collections.

2. Pokemon Storage Solutions

Speaking of Pokemon cards, there comes a point when you’ve got enough cards that it’s hard to actually find what you’re looking for in order to build your deck. That’s where card storage solutions like this Pokedex-style Storage Album and this waterproof card holder come into the picture.

If you’re looking for something smaller, carrying cases and flip boxes and also make great storage options.

3. Pokemon Clothes

Your kiddos may also want to show their Pokemon love through their clothes. Here are some fun clothing-related Pokemon gift ideas:

4. Pokemon Toys and Games

All Pokemon trainers appreciate toys, even the big kids. There are tons of toy options, but a Pokeball duel set, action figures, and building sets are a good place to start.

You also can’t go wrong with fun Pokemon puzzles or video games like the newly released Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield for Nintendo Switch. True story, my kids were so excited about the new Pokemon Sword game that they combined their savings and bought in themselves.

Speaking of Nintendo Switch, this waterproof Pokeball sling bag is a great way to safely travel with your Switch, games, and controllers.

5. Pokemon Accessories 

Accessories can also make great Pokemon gifts for your kiddos. My son loves this Jigglypuff cap and Ash Ketchem cap, while my daughter swoons over these Pokeball earrings, this Pokeball purse, and this Pokemon charm bracelet.

Also, both of my kids think the Pikachu beanie and the Charmander version are pretty awesome.

6. Pokemon Books

Don’t forget the books! Pokemon book sets, Look and Find books, and How to Draw books are all fun to have on hand. Also worth noting, we all refer to our Super Deluxe Essential Handbook when researching Pokemon and their evolutions.

7. Detective Pikachu Merch

Looking for some gift inspiration based on the 2019 live action Pokemon movie? Here are some ideas to consider:

Want to know more about the movie itself? Use the Plugged In review to get an idea of what to expect as far as the premise, language, and violence are concerned. 

8. Pokemon Decor

Pokemon decor? Yes, please! My kids both suggested a Pokeball blanket, wall art, posters, and this Pikachu pillow pet for this sort of gift.

9. Pokemon Plush

Both of my kids have always been obsessed with Pokemon plush characters; chances are your Pokemon fan will love them too. From this 3 pack with Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur to this posable Mr. Mime to a plush Pokeball, plush toys can be lots of fun.

10. Pokemon-themed Games

Sure, Pokemon itself is a game, but Pokemon-themed games can also make fun gifts for kids who can’t get enough of Pokemon. Choose from Pokemon Uno, a 20 Questions-like Pokemon Trainer Guess Game, and Pokemon Monopoly. In fact, you’ve even got options when it comes to the Monopoly sets: there’s a Johto edition and Kanto edition.

Looking for more gift ideas for your kiddos? Here are some other lists to help you out:

Do you have a favorite Pokemon gift? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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