Planting Missional Churches: Starting Churches that Multiply

The idea of planting missional churches is something I can get behind, both as a pastor’s wife and as a Christ-follower. Church planting, however, isn’t my area of experience because we’ve always served long-established churches.

Planting Missional Churches Review

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In fact, the churches we’ve served have been so established that we’ve had the joy of celebrating 50th and even centennial anniversaries with them. That’s a wonderful thing in many ways, but I also see why that’s not always effective when it comes to reaching our communities and leading others to Christ.

“The newer a congregation, the more effective that the church is in reaching those who don’t know Christ.”

I came across that statement while reading Planting Missional Churches, and can totally see the validity in it. Then there’s this, also from Planting Missional Churches:

“Missional church planters focus on the Great Commission by reaching the unchurched, not be seeking to attract area Christians.”

Did that grab your attention the way it did mine? Let me tell you a bit more about this book and how it’s challenging me to think beyond the established church.

What Does Church Planting
Have to Do With Me?

It’s easy to think the topic of church planting only involves those who are specifically called to planting or those already in ministry, but this quote from Planting Missional Churches challenges that thought.

“I believe every Christian should be in some way a part of church planting, but I do not believe everyone should be a church planter.”

You may not be personally called to church planting or to serve on a launch team and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean topic of church planting should be closed for discussion, though.

Church planting is all about making disciples and making a difference — that’s something Christ-followers of all backgrounds should celebrate and support!

Planting Missional Churches

In many ways, Planting Missional Churches could be described as the textbook for Church Planting 101. The focus is indeed the vision and heart behind planting missional churches, but the book itself practically and thoroughly explains the process of planting.

That thoroughness shouldn’t have surprised me, though. Co-authors Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im have a wealth of church planting knowledge between the two of them. Stetzer, the former Executive Director of LifeWay Research, has been sharing his church planting knowledge and experiences for years.

Planting Missional Churches Review

And, as Lifeway‘s Director of Multiplication for New Churches and teaching pastor of a multi-site church, Im has plenty of valuable church planting experience all on his own.

Planting Missional Churches:
Starting Churches That Multiply

I say that Planting Missional Churches is Church Planting 101 because it covers anything and everything you need to know if you’re called to church planting.

It starts by discussing the biblical premise of church planting and what it looked like in the New Testament. This happens by breaking down the Great Commission from Matthew 28 and by looking at the apostle Paul’s life as the first church planter.

Planting Missional Churches Review

This book is much more than the reason behind church planting and Paul’s example.  It also includes valuable information on many aspects of church planting:

  • The screening process for potential planters
  • The different leadership models for church planting, including biblical and modern-day examples
  • Insight on potential leadership issues
  • The role of focus groups in learning the city you’re called to serve
  • Launch team development
  • Location selection
  • Launch day planning
  • Ministry areas in the planted church
  • Life after launch

For sure, Planting Missional Churches is a book that church planters will find valuable while preparing to plant, during the planting process, and long after launch day.

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Planting Missional Churches Review
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