Periscope 101: Learning the Ropes with Kristi Clover and The Scoop on Scope

As a blogger and active social media user, I love learning new platforms and using them to connect with people all over the world.  It’s truly amazing what we can do through social media and the technology used for all of it is showing no signs of slowing down.  Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app, is a perfect example of where technology can take us and how quickly we can connect now.

Periscope 101: A Review of The Scoop on Scope by Kristi Clover

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In the last week, I’ve viewed great scopes (Periscope broadcasts) and been able to interact with expert bloggers giving tips, my favorite writers offering ministry encouragement, homeschool parents sharing their organization and teaching ideas, and so much more.  Those are just the scopes I can think of off the top of my head!  The other forms of social media still hold their own, but Periscope offers something different than all of them: real-time connection and unfakable transparency.

As a viewer, I’m all about Periscope!  I love being able to glean valuable information and soak up encouragement as I’m folding laundry or cooking dinner.  It’s a great way to keep myself learning, growing, and connecting as I go through my day-to-day routines.  As a scoper, as in the actual person broadcasting on Periscope, I’m not quite as confident.  You might even say I have issues.

My Periscope issues are probably different from most users.  I’m a loyal Windows Phone user, but the downside to that is that app developers don’t initially focus on making their apps available for my device.  For something new like Periscope, an external app is all I have access to through my phone.  While I’ve been watching scopes for months now through that app, it’s essentially straight videos of Periscope broadcasts – no viewing comments or commenting, no viewing or giving hearts, and certainly no broadcasting.  When I installed Periscope on Hubby’s old Android phone and started using Periscope on it, I realized I was missing so much!

Periscope 101: A Review of The Scoop on Scope by Kristi Clover

Since I’m using an unfamiliar phone for Periscope, you can imagine how grateful I am for Kristi Clover and her book, The Scoop on Scope.  I need Periscope 101 in a major way and Kristi has been a wonderful teacher through her scopes, but especially in her book!  Since downloading the app, I’ve been viewing Periscope through fresh eyes and The Scoop on Scope is just what I needed to finally make sense of it all!  Enough about me and my Periscope issues, though.  Here’s what you need to know about The Scoop on Scope:

The Scoop on The Scoop on Scope
(See what I did there?)

It truly is Periscope 101!  If you’ve never even downloaded the Periscope app, you can jump right in with this book.  Kristi walks you through it all – I was super grateful for that since I’m a newbie to some aspects!  Getting started in Periscope is covered from every angle in The Scoop on Scope.

I love that there’s help for watching and participating in scopes.  Don’t think for a second that this book is only helpful if you’re planning to broadcast or use Periscope for your blog or business!  From setting up your account to interacting to staying safe, Kristi gives great suggestions and explanations.

I also love that she shares tons of great tips for preparing for scopes and broadcasting.  I haven’t scoped at all yet – not even once! – and I’m so grateful for Kristi’s advice in these areas.  Kristi’s Periscope following is incredible and her presence is on point.  Any advice Kristi gives for preparing and broadcasting is worth taking to heart and applying.  She knows what she’s talking about and has the Periscope experience to back it up!

What about if you’re looking to Periscope for more than viewing and scoping for the sake of scoping?  How can your business or blog benefit from Periscope?  Kristi covers that, too!  She offers lots of useful suggestions for monetizing and growing your business through Periscope.

Bottom line: Whether you’re just thinking about jumping into Periscope or are already actively using this fabulous app, The Scoop on Scope has plenty to offer you!  Kristi walks you through everything you need to know and then some to help you make the most of this new platform.  Even though I’m familiar with Periscope, reading The Scoop on Scope has helped me fill in the blanks and get ready to take my Periscope usage to the next level!

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You can follow Kristi @RaisingClovers on Periscope and see what the fuss is all about!  You can also view a few saved scopes by visiting her blog, Raising Clovers.  (While you’re at it, follow me, too!  I’m @emily_copeland and I’ll be scoping for the first time very soon!)

Periscope 101: A Review of The Scoop on Scope by Kristi Clover
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You can also hop over to Amazon and buy your copy of The Scoop on Scope now and so that you can learn the ropes of Periscope for yourself!

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