Earn High School Credit at Home with These Online Science Labs

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You’re not alone if you’ve reviewed high school transcript requirements and wondered how on earth homeschoolers are supposed to pull off science labs from home. The good news is you don’t actually have to do labs on your own. Instead, you can let these online science labs handle it for you.

These virtual science labs are an easy way for homeschoolers to earn high school science credits!

*This post is sponsored by College Prep Science and contains affiliate links. I have been compensated for my time writing this and all opinions are my own. See my disclosure for more information.*

You may remember me mentioning College Prep Science when I shared some thoughts about outsourcing high school courses. Their classes are all great options for outsourcing science, but today I want to shine the spotlight on their virtual science labs.

Online Science Labs with College Prep Science

Let’s face it, there are legitimate roadblocks that make it difficult for homeschoolers to give our teens quality lab experience. Whether it comes down to the cost of the supplies and equipment, storage and experiment space needed, or the difficulty of the lab experiments themselves, it’s easier said than done for homeschoolers to make all of this happen in the high school years.

That’s true enough when it comes to satisfying transcript requirements, but it’s also tough to facilitate all of this in a way that helps students actually understand the scientific principles involved.

That’s why I’m grateful I learned about College Prep Science a few years ago. My teen is currently working through their Virtual Chemistry Lab and it has been the perfect solution for us! But before I share my thoughts on these labs, here’s a quick overview.

Online Science Labs Overview

College Prep Science’s online labs are for students in grades 6-12 and are available for the following subjects:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology/Anatomy and Physiology
  • Physics

Each virtual lab is self-paced and contains a series of ten experiments and instructional videos led by homeschool dad and former college professor Greg Landry.

These online science labs are an easy way for homeschoolers to earn high school science credits!

But there’s more to these online science labs than videos and virtual experiments. Lab reports and data recording are both a big part of this lab experience. (No worries if your homeschooler needs help in that area. Professor Landry includes plenty of how-to instruction for lab students and parents.)

Check out the Virtual Science Lab for yourself!

Wondering how these online science labs actually work? Test it out for yourself through the button below.

What We’re Loving About These Virtual Science Labs

Now that you’ve been formally introduced to the Virtual Science Labs from College Prep Science, here’s why they’re on our list of homeschool favorites:

1. There Are No Supplies Needed.

I’d love to have a gigantic space to store homeschool items like lab equipment and supplies for experiments, but I don’t. In fact, our packed homeschool closet is stuffed as it is… and that’s with regular purging! That’s one reason these online science labs are such a good fit for us. Other than a notebook for recording data and composing lap reports, there’s nothing extra to purchase.

Also worth noting, my homeschool budget is pretty happy that no extra supplies or special equipment are needed. One of my biggest pet peeves about science experiments comes down to all of the little purchases here and there for experiments. Purchasing supplies that way can wreak havoc on your homeschool budget, but that’s not an issue at all with these virtual labs.

These virtual science labs are an easy way for homeschoolers to earn high school science credits!

2. Students Earn A Full Science Lab Credit.

Whether you’re looking at high school transcript requirements or college admissions standards, chances are you’ve got science labs that need to happen for your homeschooler. These science virtual labs allow students to satisfy the science lab requirements from home over the course of a year.

3. Virtual Science Labs Make It Happen!

Lastly, I love that these virtual labs allow me as the homeschooling parent to be hands-off when I want to be. Science isn’t my homeschool sweet spot and it’s tempting for me to put experiments low on the priority list even though I’m well aware of their importance.

These online science labs are an easy way for homeschoolers to earn high school science credits!

By letting College Prep Science do the heavy lifting, I don’t have to be the one to facilitate the science labs my teen needs. Instead, he’s working through the experiments with the guidance provided through the instructional videos. This means science labs are actually happening without any overwhelm or stress for me or my teen.

Learn More About the Virtual Science Labs from College Prep Science

Ready to learn more about these online science labs? Visit College Prep Science to register your homeschooler today! While you’re there, be sure to check out all the free resources offered there. They have tips for teaching science, free lessons, and other helpful resources waiting for you!

In closing, I’m happy to recommend these online science labs for all homeschool families! They’ve removed all the barriers and made it easier than ever to complete science labs from home, all while taking care of high school transcript requirements. It doesn’t get better than that!

These online science labs are an easy way for homeschoolers to earn high school science credits!

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