How an Online Homeschool Planner Won Me Over

Fail to plan or plan to fail.  While that phrase applies to many aspects of life, it particularly applies to our homeschool life.  If I’m scattered or unprepared, it affects me, my kids, and ultimately our entire household.  That’s why finding an effective homeschool planner is critical for us.

How an Online Homeschool Planner Won Me Over - Homeschool Planet Review

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I’ve got a homeschool planner that I use faithfully, but I jumped at the opportunity to review Homeschool Planet.  As much as it pains me to say it, my trusty planner just isn’t getting the job done anymore.  If there was ever a time to try an online homeschool planner, it’s now!

Trouble in Homeschool Planner Paradise

I’ve always been a pen and paper girl when it comes to planning our homeschool days, but I’ve been struggling lately. Here’s why:

  • I often need to access our homeschool plans while we’re away from home. Carrying my old planner is entirely too burdensome.  Like I needed one more thing to lug around with me!
  • Most of our homeschool time happens in our schoolroom, but not all of it. Is the planner upstairs, downstairs, in the van, or at my desk?  It’s become the million dollar question in our home.
  • After writing out all of our assignments, resources, and other notes in my planner, I have to write it out for my son or be nearby with my planner the entire time he’s working.  If my only two options are doing twice the work or being glued to the schoolroom all morning, I start my day defeated.
  • It’s a hassle to plan more than a few weeks at a time in my old planner.  If I dare forge ahead, I risk tons of eraser marks, scribbled-out assignments, and rewritten plans due to missed assignments or a needed change in direction.  Either way, I’ve got a hot mess on my hands.

When I told you I was having problems with my planner, I wasn’t kidding!  There are lots of things I like about my old planner, but my cons list officially outweighs the list of pros.  That’s where Homeschool Planet enters the picture.

Moving to an Online Homeschool Planner

Now that you know the issues I was having, let me tell you how Homeschool Planet has rescued me from planning despair.  One thing I love about moving to an online homeschool planner is that I always have it with me!  I use Homeschool Planet on my computer to schedule assignments, track attendance, create grocery lists, and more, but I can access it from my phone and no longer need to carry something extra with me.  Through my phone, my planner goes upstairs, downstairs, in the grocery store, the library, or anywhere else I’m going.

How An Online Homeschool Planner Won Me Over - Homeschool Planet Review

Better yet, I was able to bookmark Homeschool Planet for The Boy on my old phone and let him take charge of his assignments.   He no longer needs me to write out his daily to-do list and I no longer have to be in the room to ensure that he’s on track.  This is especially nice because it gives him ownership of his homeschool schedule that he’s never had before.

My issue with missed assignments and rescheduling is also resolved because of my move to online planning.  Instead of endless erasing and pages of scratched-through assignments, I take my cue from Homeschool Planet.  If an assignment isn’t marked complete, I’m automatically prompted to reschedule with the click of a button or change the status to complete if it was an oversight.  This is such a huge help because nothing falls through the cracks and it keeps my homeschool plans organized and up-to-date.

If I need to change an assignment for any reason, it’s such an easy process.  I simply find the class on the schedule, click edit, make my changes, and save.  No more scratching through and cramming the updated assignments into crowded margins.

How An Online Homeschool Planner Won Me Over - Homeschool Planet Review

But That’s Not All…

Moving to online homeschool planning with Homeschool Planet is something I wish I had done sooner.  Not only are my planning problems now under control, but I’ve discovered a whole slew of other features that make my life easier.

1.  Attendance Tracking

How An Online Homeschool Planner Won Me Over - Homeschool Planet Review

2.  Customizable Widgets

How An Online Homeschool Planner Won Me Over - Homeschool Planet Review

3.  Complete Family Scheduling (complete with Google Calendar compatibility!)

How An Online Homeschool Planner Won Me Over - Homeschool Planet Review

Additional Homeschool Planet Features

Homeschool Planet offers several other features that are worth sharing.  Some of these are features I’m using regularly, but some are features that I like, but don’t necessarily need for my homeschool scenario. Even though I’m not using every function, I love knowing that my new homeschool planner has so much to offer!

  • Daily and weekly reminder emails
  • Grade management
  • Transcript creation
  • Lots of printing options for schedules
  • Shopping lists that can be shared with family members via text or email
  • Option to list all resources being used in your homeschool

Bottom line: I’m so happy to have made the switch to Homeschool Planet.  This homeschool planner has solved every planning problem I had and given me the tools I need to be more organized and prepared to keep our homeschool running with efficiency and confidence.

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