Using for an All-in-One Online Homeschool Curriculum

Looking for a one-stop option that promotes independent learning and requires little preparation from a busy parent? This online homeschool curriculum can help!

Using for an All-in-One Online Homeschool Curriculum

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There are lots of reasons a homeschooling parent may prefer online curriculum. I’ve known parents who believed in homeschooling and wanted this option for their children, but felt completely lost when it came to homeschool planning and hunting for curriculum.

Then there are parents who are juggling homeschool life with work, caring for little ones, or an ill family member. Those parents don’t necessarily feel lost, but they also don’t want to give up homeschooling because other things demand their attention. Instead, they need an option that steps in and does the educational heavy lifting, but does so from home.

That’s where’s online homeschool curriculum shines.

An Overview of’s Online Homeschool Curriculum

Before we jump into what makes this online resource such a great help to homeschool families, here are some basic details to know about

This complete online homeschool curriculum offers thousands of course options and covers 3rd-12th grades, but even offers college prep, CLEP, and professional development courses.

What’s especially nice about these courses is the fact that they’re video based, but also include lesson transcripts, quizzes, and other learning components. That makes it a great fit, regardless of your child’s learning style.

Looking for a one-stop option that promotes independent learning and requires little preparation from a busy parent? This online homeschool curriculum can help!

Since it’s online, it’s also great for homeschool families who travel or don’t have tons of room for curriculum storage. There’s also a app that we happen to love. This app makes it easy to log in to your device and learn even when there’s no computer around. Course Offerings

Perhaps the best thing about this online curriculum is the massive variety of course options available to homeschool families. Through, you have access to:

  • Teacher resources – These include lesson plans and topical teaching helps.
  • Elementary courses – You can cover it all: literature, math, science, geography, and more! 
  • Middle school courses – Once again, you can cover it all: core classes, electives, and even test prep.
  • High school courses – The high school options are impressive. From standard subjects to test prep to college level courses, you’ll find all you need for homeschooling high school. 
What You Need to Know About Using for an All-in-One Online Homeschool Curriculum
We loved using this study guide with our recent read aloud.

How Can Help You Homeschool

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of what’s available through this online homeschool curriculum, here are some specific ways can make life easier for you.

1. It handles everything.

I’m not sure what I expected the first time I logged in to, but it didn’t take me long to realize a homeschool family could use it exclusively and cover every subject without leaving the site.

I quickly learned that it’s fantastic for homeschooling middle school and high school, but there are also great options for younger homeschoolers. In all honesty, I didn’t think it was possible to cover a full year through one of the elementary courses. I was so wrong!

For example, their 3rd grade Math course contains 87 video lessons with printable summaries. It also comes with automatically graded exams and quizzes. This course is a complete year of homeschool math, no curriculum-induced decision fatigue required.

What You Need to Know About Using As an All-in-One Online Homeschool Curriculum

Also worth noting, because is an online homeschool curriculum, all the planning and grading work is done for you. That’s a huge relief for parents who have a lot going on or would prefer to step back and have a smaller part in the teaching aspect of homeschooling.

2. You can tackle high school & college prep at home with confidence.

My oldest kiddo is a 9th grader, so I’m still pretty new to homeschooling high school. I know how to handle preschool at home, but I’m back to learning as I go for this new season of homeschool.

That said, I now understand why parents with older kids adore It turns out that you can turn here for core classes and electives, but also for ACT, SAT, and CLEP prep courses. Better yet, you can upgrade your account and actually earn transferable college credit.

What You Need to Know About Using for an All-in-One Online Homeschool Curriculum

3. You Can Create Your Own Online Homeschool Curriculum

While it’s pretty incredible that has more than 4,000 video courses available, it’s also possible that you’ll find yourself needing to create your own course. Such is the case with homeschool life. What happens then?

That’s where the Custom Courses feature saves the day. You can quickly create a custom course by naming it, adding chapters (or topic names), using the search function to find prepared lessons to cover the topics, and adding the lessons to your custom course.

What You Need to Know About Using for an All-in-One Online Homeschool Curriculum
This Overview of Social Sciences Custom Course took less than 10 minutes to create. I added the specific topics my high schooler asked about and then searched to find preexisting courses covering the topics. From there, I built his custom course by adding the preexisting lessons that matched our goals for our DIY course.

It’s a quick and easy process, but it packs a powerful punch for curious homeschooled kiddos and parents who want a personalized learning experience.

Learn More About

I encourage you to learn more about and see for yourself how it can meet your homeschool needs. It truly is a fantastic option for anyone looking for online homeschool curriculum, especially if you’re a family with middle and high school kids!

Need an all-in-one approach to homeschooling?’s complete online curriculum covers elementary grades, middle school, high school, test prep, and more!

Be sure to connect with on your favorite social spots. They’ve got an awesome YouTube Channel, but you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Using for an all-in-one online homeschool curriculum