O Holy Night Christmas Art for Kids

I can’t wait to share our O Holy Night Christmas art project with you today!

This O Holy Night Christmas mixed media project makes a great addition to your holiday art plans!

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This mixed media Christmas art was an easy and pretty quick project, but it’s one of my favorites we’ve done. We worked on them off and on one morning and both of my kids — a five year-old and ten year-old — made them with no problems at all.

O Holy Night Christmas Art

Think your kids would enjoy this project? Here are the supplies you’ll need in order to start:

Once you’ve gathered the supplies, you can round up your kiddos and get started on this fun project.

O Holy Night – Step 1

The first step in this project was an easy one. My kids chose a “Christmasy” paint color and covered the entire surface of the canvas with it. When that layer of paint was nearly dry, I showed them how to dab the tips of their sponge brushes in the black paint and use it to make random thin stripes on the canvas.

O Holy Night Christmas Art for Kids

Both of my kids went a little overboard with their black stripes, but it was easy to correct. When the stripes were nearly dry, they went back and covered some of their black with their original colors. That easy fix allowed them to keep the dimension added by the stripes without losing the festive feel of their projects.

O Holy Night – Step 2

As their backgrounds dried, I had my kids go through our scrapbook paper box and choose a coordinating pattern to use for their stars. Then we drew stars on the backs of the chosen papers and cut them out.

O Holy Night Christmas Art for Kids

When our surface was dry again, they used white paint pens to write out a lyric from O Holy Night. My daughter and I kept it simple by writing “the weary world rejoices,” while my son wrote those words and the line that follows.

Also worth noting, the writing on my project is much thicker than theirs because I wrote using white paint and a paintbrush. I used the gold paint pen as an accent on my letters when my white paint dried, but that’s all. This is certainly an option for kids, especially if there are no paint pens on hand, but my kids do much better using paint pens for their writing.

O Holy Night – Step 3

They added their scrapbook paper stars to the canvases when they finished with their lyrics. They did this by painting the upper right corners of their canvases with Mod Podge.

O Holy Night Christmas Art for Kids

After they applied the Mod Podge, they carefully arranged their stars on the canvas and gently pressed them down on the surface. At this point, they took a break and allowed the Mod Podge under the stars to dry.

O Holy Night – Step 4

They used paint pens to add accents to their projects when the canvases were dry again. There’s a lot of room for creative freedom in this step, but I encouraged them to keep it simple and add accents only to bring attention to their stars.

O Holy Night Christmas Art for Kids

They also outlined the stars with their paint pens in this step. It’s not necessary, but this step certainly helps them pop a bit.

O Holy Night – Step 5

Our last step of the project required more painting and waiting. This was where both kids added some silver glitter paint in their blank areas and also used it to add some sparkle to their stars.

O Holy Night Christmas Art for Kids

When the glitter paint dried, we sealed the project by adding one last layer of Mod Podge to the entire surface. After the Mod Podge dried, we displayed these beauties with our other mixed media Christmas projects and have been enjoying them ever since.

O Holy Night Christmas Art for Kids

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O Holy Night Christmas Art for Kids

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O Holy Night Christmas Art for Kids

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  2. I love these! They turned out great. I have got to do a mixed media canvas painting with my boys; this is the second time in two days I have been struck by that idea. Yesterday while I picked my middle son up from an art class I saw a canvas of a car piled with presents and stuck onto the canvas was a mini wreath hanging from the hood of the car. It was just darling. Pinned.

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