Mixed Media Bird Nest Art for Kids

Looking for an easy bird nest art project to do with your kids? Today I’m sharing a fun mixed media project inspired by one of our favorite books, A Nest Is Noisy. 

Mixed Media Bird Nest Art for Kids - Inspired by a Nest is Noisy

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A Nest Is Noisy is packed with information about a variety of nests and their inhabitants, ranging from birds to alligators, but delivers this information through lyrical text and gorgeous illustrations.

Mixed Media Bird Nest Art for Kids

These illustrations from Sylvia Long are so lovely that we were inspired to create our own nest art projects.

Bird Nest Art Project for Kids

We began our project by learning more about the nests featured in A Nest Is Noisy.

After spending some time in Nature Anatomy and The Handbook of Nature Study, my daughter chose to reproduce the Ruby-throated Hummingbird nest featured in the beginning of A Nest Is Noisy and my son chose a laughing gull nest he noticed in Nature Anatomy. Both Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and laughing gulls are commonly found in our region, so these were great choices for them.

Mixed Media Bird Nest Art for Kids - Inspired by a Nest is Noisy

When they finished researching the nests they wanted to create for our project, we gathered the supplies we needed. Here’s what we used:

Step 1. Prepare Background

We started our bird’s nest art projects by preparing our backgrounds. Both kids painted their canvas panels shades of blue. When the blue dried, I used a pencil to lightly outline a branch for my daughter’s hummingbird nest. When I finished, she filled in my pencil marks with brown paint.

Mixed Media Bird Nest Art for Kids - Inspired by a Nest is Noisy

Meanwhile, my son used shades of green to add a layer of grass blades since laughing gulls nest on the ground.

Step 2. Add Nest

While the branch and grass dried, my kids prepared the scrapbook paper needed to create their nests. My little one tore off bits from two different green patterns to mimic the hummingbird nest in A Nest Is Noisy, while my big kid used scissors to cut strips of orange and brown paper to use for his gull’s nest.

Mixed Media Bird Nest Art for Kids - Inspired by a Nest is Noisy

After their paper was ready, they added a layer of Modge Podge to the canvases and gently applied the paper pieces to form their nests. My daughter also applied her green paper pieces to her branch to represent the lichens seen in the original illustration.

Step 3. Add Eggs and Details

While they waited for their Modge Podge to dry, we researched eggs for laughing gulls and hummingbirds. Once we identified the eggs, the kids selected paper patterns to reflect our findings and cut out the eggs for our nests from those sheets. They added a little more Modge Podge to their projects and pressed the eggs into the nests and waited for them to dry.

From here, their projects took a different direction. My son used a white paint pen to add definition to his blades of grass and used a Sharpie to outline the gull eggs.

Mixed Media Bird Nest Art for Kids - Inspired by a Nest is Noisy

My daughter added detail to her artwork by painting vines and leaves around the tree branch and hummingbird nest. When the vines and leaves dried, she used the white paint pen to accent the vines and add veins to her leaves.

Step 4. Seal

Once all of these accents dried, both kids sealed their pieces by applying a layer of Modge Podge over the canvases. When that layer of sealant dried, their bird’s nest art was complete and ready to enjoy.

Mixed Media Bird Nest Art for Kids - Inspired by a Nest is Noisy

What I love the most about these projects is how they both followed the same general instructions, but turned out quite different. I suppose that’s the beauty of using mixed media to create these nests! I expect you’ll have the same experience if you try to reproduce these nests with your kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

Guess what… the bird and nest-related learning doesn’t stop here! I’m joining with some fantastic nature-loving friends to bring you a new monthly linkup! Take a look at my co-hosts’ ideas and be sure to add your own through the linkup widget at the end!

Mixed Media Bird Nest Art for Kids - The Nature Book Club monthly linkup

Welcome to The Nature Book Club Monthly Link Up No 1.

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Here are the co-hosts, their choices of books, and activities for the month.

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>>> Note: The Nature Book Club theme for February is Small Mammals <<<

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  1. This combines two of my favorite things- art and bird study! This looks like a really good book too! I am pinning this entry to my bird nature study board. Thanks!

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