Meeting the Master Artists: Claude Monet Unit Study Resources

Planning to introduce your kids to master artist Claude Monet? I’ve got some wonderful Monet unit study resources to share with you today.

Planning to introduce your kids to master impressionist Claude Monet? We've got some wonderful Monet unit study resources to help you along.

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Claude Monet is one of the names that resurfaces in our homeschool pretty frequently. Because of that, we’ve discovered a wealth of fantastic Monet unit study resources over the years.

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Between the books, videos, and art projects, there’s plenty to keep kids busy as they learn about this incredible artist and his legacy. Here are the resources that have helped us the most.

Meeting the Master Artists:
Claude Monet Unit Study Resources

One of my favorite experiences in studying Monet came through Mixing with the Masters. This mixed media workshop was a great fit for my big kid because 1) he loves working with mixed media and 2) it was much more than a couple of Monet-inspired art projects that I could’ve found on Pinterest.

Instead, these Monet lessons came from an e-course that includes biographical videos, study guides, PDF templates for the art projects, suggestions for further learning, and, of course, guided Monet-inspired art lessons from Masterpiece Society.

Meeting the Master Artists: Claude Monet Unit Study Resources

My oldest did most of these lessons alone and loved them all. He recreated Japanese Footbridge, Waterlilies, Red, and Impression, Sunrise.

While these lessons were designed for ages 8 and up, my daughter was pretty excited to get in on the Impression Sunrise action along with her brother. All things considered, this 5 year-old did Monet proud and held her own!

Meeting the Master Artists: Claude Monet Unit Study Resources

You can learn more about this e-course through my Mixing with the Masters review. Also worth noting, while we love the entire workshop and happily recommend it, you have the option to only purchase the Monet lessons if you prefer.

You’ll also want to check out this Monet unit from Masterpiece Society’s Art Appreciation curriculum. It’s a great option if you prefer to turn to one main resource for your Monet study rather than putting together your own plan.

More Monet Unit Study Ideas

We love the Mixing with the Masters, but it’s not the only way we’ve studied Monet in our homeschool. We’ve visited Monet several times throughout the years and have lots of great resources to share with you. Take a look:

Claude Monet: What to Read

There are plenty of good reading options for your Monet unit study. Here are a few of my favorites:

Meeting the Master Artists: Claude Monet Unit Study Resources

Need some other reading ideas for your study? You can find more great options in 15 Children’s Books About Claude Monet.

Claude Monet: What to Watch

We love incorporating video in our unit studies, but I didn’t find as many kid-friendly Monet videos as I usually do. Nonetheless, these are the ones I shared with my kids. You can view them individually in the list below or find them on my Monet playlist on YouTube.

  • Biography of Claude Monet – documentary style and under five minutes? Yes, please!
  • Painter Claude Monet is the video version of the Monet book in the Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists series.
  • Claude Monet’s Ultraviolet Eye from PBS Learning Media is a quick watch and an interesting piece on how Monet’s changes in vision affected his art.
  • Overview of Impressionism – While not exclusively related to Monet, it explains the style and its origins. You’ll want to preview it before sharing with your kids. While it’s only sharing actual art, there’s mild nudity at the 1:16 and 3:40 marks.

As for Prime Video, I enjoyed Paintings of the World (Season 1, Episode 6). It could easily be incorporated into a Monet unit study because it’s essentially a slideshow of Monet’s work combined with instrumental music.

More Hands-on Homeschooling with Monet

We’ve looked at our favorite mixed media workshop, as well as reading and viewing options for your Monet study. Those are all great, but would you believe that there are even more great options to consider?

Meeting the Master Artists: Claude Monet Unit Study Resources
  • Making Art Fun’s Claude Monet Profile – This site includes a brief Monet bio, word search, and a lesson plan for a Monet art project (Pin it for later)
  •’s Claude Monet download has a fantastic Monet-inspired observation activity. It’s listed as a fifth grade resource, but the activity is appropriate for students of any age.
  • The Famous Artists and Picture Study Bundle from Productive Homeschooling features pages for artist and picture study on Monet and more than 20 other artists.
  • We did a variation of this tape resist Monet project a few years ago. Although I can’t find a good picture to share as an example, it was easy, fun, and great for young learners.
  • Tissue paper waterlilies – We tried this project last year and my little one especially loved it. It’s also great match for younger kids learning about Monet. (Pin it for later)

Between the fantastic Mixing with the Masters e-course, the reading and viewing selections, and the additional activities, I hope you’ve been able to find ideas and inspiration for learning about Claude Monet with your kids.

Have you studied Claude Monet in your homeschool? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

Meeting the Master Artists: Claude Monet Unit Study Resources

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Meeting the Master Artists: Claude Monet Unit Study Resources

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