History Through Immersion: Medieval England Unit Study

Are you planning to study the Middle Ages in your homeschool? If so, you’re in the right place. I’ve got a fantastic Medieval England Unit Study to share with you today.

This Medieval England Unit Study is a perfect way to dive into the Middle Ages in your homeschool!

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My kiddos and I love exploring history in our homeschool time together. Better yet, we love finding resources that help us go beyond the surface and immerse ourselves in the culture, political climate, and day-to-day life of the time period we’re covering.

That’s exactly what we’ve found in Time Capsule: Medieval England. We’re loving this chance to view the Middle Ages through the lens of those who lived it first-hand and I know you will too.  

Time Capsule: Medieval England
Unit Study Review

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always thought of homeschool curriculum when I thought of my friend Michelle from Homeschool-Your-Boys.com, but I’ve been wrong about that.

While Michelle is well loved in the homeschooling community for her homeschool and parenting wisdom, it turns out that she’s also the author of
Time Capsule: Medieval England, a comprehensive unit study that steps back into the days of the Middle Ages.

Time Capsule: Medieval England Overview

This is my first time working with a unit study like Time Capsule: Medieval England. In the past, my kids and I approached unit studies like an extension of an area we’re covering or as a way to work in a quick study of something not covered elsewhere in our homeschool materials.

Time Capsule: Medieval England opened a whole new world of unit studies for us. It’s written with 2nd – 8th grades in mind and is designed to be done in a 12-week period. That said, it can be adjusted for other ages and can be spread out over a longer time period if needed.

“The goal of this curriculum is not to learn every fact possible about this time period. Instead, the Time Capsule lessons are bursting with hands-on projects to enable you and your children to not only hear about the medieval times, but also to see, hear, taste, and touch what it would have been like to have lived during this unique time period.” – Michelle Caskey

All of that happens by experiencing medieval England through the following subjects:

  • Language arts (reading, writing, and literature)
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Arts (music, art appreciation, arts and crafts, photography, and drama)
  • Logic
  • History and geography

Our Experience with Time Capsule:
Medieval England Unit Study

As far as our personal experience with Time Capsule: Medieval England, I still can’t get over the thoroughness. I’ve literally got 350 pages of discussion points, activities, games, and instruction to help me bring medieval England to life for my kids.

History Through Immersion: Medieval England Unit Study
Her competitive nature took over when playing skittles, a game we learned about through Time Capsule: Medieval England.

They’re happy enough to learn through read-alouds and discussion, but the chance to add games, creative elements, and research (that one’s especially fun for my big kid!) has made this unit study better than I ever dreamed.

This variety is especially nice since my kids are five years apart and enjoy lots of different learning opportunities. I definitely don’t have a one-size-fits-all scenario in my homeschool and Time Capsule: Medieval England covers all my bases!

History Through Immersion: Medieval England Unit Study
Are you familiar with the Bayeux Tapestry? My kids loved learning about this piece of art from medieval times because many stories from the middle ages live on through it.

We’ve had lots of busy days this summer so we’re just now finishing the section that focuses on life as a peasant, but we’re excited about experiencing the Middle Ages through the eyes of the tradesmen, knights, monks and nuns, barons, and royals in the coming weeks. 

Where to Find This Medieval England Unit Study

I’ve got great news for you if you’re ready to learn more about Time Capsule: Medieval England. You can find it over on Amazon and the best part is that it’s available in print and Kindle editions.

Time Capsule: Medieval England

This complete unit study is available in print and Kindle editions on Amazon. You can even see a sample through the button below!

Learning Through Immersion: Time Capsule Medieval England
I also want to encourage you to visit Michelle over at Homeschool Your Boys and follow her on your favorite social media platforms. You can find her through the links below:
This Medieval England Unit Study is a perfect way to dive into the Middle Ages in your homeschool!

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  1. American History. We would love to cover this time period next. My boys love Medieval times, but we haven’t covered it since my younger 2 were in Prek/K, They followed along with my oldest.

  2. This is awesome! We’ve studied ancient history and early American, this year will be Medieval history.

  3. Couple kids…different eras. Ancient greece for one; colonial times for another; 20th century for the other.

  4. We did ancient history – this year we are studying American history, and next year will be world history.

  5. We just finished up with Lewis and Clarke for my girls- my son has covered all the time periods, but is doing a Shakespeare study this year, second semester so this would be a fun addition!

  6. We completed a unit study involving Native Americans and the Wild West. We wrapped up our study by going with a group from a nearby church to teach VBS at a Native American Camp (KOA) in Talihina, OK, for a week. We all agreed we would be returning next year. It was educational, heartbreaking, praise worthy and humbling. We praise God for the souls that were saved and won for The KINGdom ??.

  7. Our last era was called “Exploration to 1850” (My Father’s World). We learned about things from Leif Ericsson and Ponce de Leon to the colonies, King Philip’s War to the Ottoman Empire, then Daniel Boone, the Revolutionary War, the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark, and we ended at the California Gold Rush.
    We had a lot of fun!

  8. So exciting! We are doing medieval studies right now (so this would be perfect)! Thanks for the opportunity

  9. We have been studying Colonial America. But the kids are fascinated by Medieval England.

  10. Medieval English history – I need this! My kids are dual citizens of US / UK, and thus far their education has definitely leaned more US, since we live here

  11. What’s the last era of history you studied in your homeschool?

    We spent the past year studying American Presidents!

  12. We haven’t started history yet but this was one my favorite topics and excited to teach my kids!

  13. We ended last year with Celtic Ireland. Medieval England would be brilliant to start this year with!

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