May Reading List

April has come and gone and my May Reading List is coming along nicely.  I’m super excited to share my reading picks with you!

May Reading List - 2016

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Before we get acquainted with my new list, know that Wild and Free from Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan completely rocked my world last month and it’s still working on my heart now. And, because I know you’re aching to know more about it, don’t miss Getting Back to Wild and Free.  It’s not just a book review, it’s about how the book has impacted me in the best way.

Alright, on to May…

May Reading List

1. Looking for Lovely

Anyone who follows what I’m reading through these reading lists or social media probably won’t be too surprised to find Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs on my list.  It’s all about remembering all that God has done and looking for Him in the everyday moments.  You know, the kind of book that I just can’t get enough of.   I’m so excited to get my hands on these pages!

Looking for Lovely - May Reading List (2016)

2. Having a Martha Home the Mary Way

Thirty-one days to a clean house and satisfied soul?  Yes please.  Sign me up.

Sara Mae’s Having a Martha Home the Mary Way explores whether it’s possible to care for your heart and your home at the same time and may just become an answered prayer before I’m done reading it.

Having a Martha Home the Mary Way - May Reading List (2016)

3. The Confident Homeschooler

Pam Barnhill’s The Confident Homeschooler is my homeschool-related pick for this month.  I saw this description on Amazon and knew it would be a great read:

As a homeschool mom there is a good chance that you are your own worst enemy. Unrealistic expectations, your public school past, and worry combine to sabotage the peace in your homeschool day.”

May Reading List (2016) - The Confident Homeschooler

4. The Beggars’ Bible

The Beggars’ Bible is the latest read-aloud we’re tackling in our homeschool.  This book is from Louise Vernon’s religious heritage series, a series that’s been a great resource for learning about those who’ve greatly impacted the Christian faith.  Since John Wycliffe came up in our Mystery of History lessons a few weeks ago, now seems like the perfect time to explore this book from the series.

The Beggars' Bible - May Reading List (2016)

5. Roanoke

I’ve been saying for a while now that I want to start reading fiction again, but I’ve had a hard time making myself switch gears and put down the non-fiction.  Because of that, I’ve not been able to get my act together and read my fiction picks for the last couple of months.  That changes with my May Reading List.

I’ve already started reading Angela Hunter’s Roanoke and I’m loving it.  Historical fiction was the way to go!

Roanoke - May Reading List

What’s on your reading list for May?

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