Literature-Based Language Arts with Pathways 2.0 from Kendall Hunt

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Think there’s no room for literature-based language arts in a traditionally-structured curriculum? Think again. Pathways 2.0 from Kendall Hunt RPD has you covered.

Literature-Based Language Arts with Pathways 2.0 from Kendall Hunt

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I used Pathways Language Arts with my big kid a while back and we had a great experience with it. Even so, I wasn’t quite sure how my 6 year-old would respond to a traditionally-structured curriculum like Pathways 2.0. She’s used to a Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschool life and doesn’t spend much time using resources like Pathways.

I’m happy to report that all is well. As it turns out, Pathways and its traditional package does a wonderful job providing the literature-based learning we want in our homeschool.

Literature-Based Language Arts with Pathways 2.0

Pathways 2.0 from Kendall Hunt RPD is a comprehensive elementary language arts program built around award-winning books. With an emphasis on reading, Pathways 2.0 aims to help children become readers, writers, and learners. That’s great, but I appreciate even more how it emphasizes the desire to read, write, and learn.

Using themed units, Pathways combines featured reading selections with integrated language arts components like reading, vocabulary, writing, and spelling. Also, these themes are cross-curricular, which helps children make connections while also recognizing the diversity in the world around them.

  • Heroes uses biography-style books about people who faced incredible challenges.
  • My World selections emphasize people in other cultures or political settings.
  • Living Things uses literature selections that help kids study the natural world.
  • Walking with God units feature books whose main characters have Christ-like attributes.
  • Friends and Family uses books that focus on relationships.
  • Environment selections encourage stewardship through conservation and appreciation.
  • Personal Feelings units include books that help kids identify their struggles and issues, but also their potential and knowledge of themselves.
  • Yesterday units and their books explore historical eras and happenings.
  • Social Issues units feature age-appropriate books with stories that highlight issues like social injustice, prejudice, immigration, and death.

Literature-Based Language Arts with Pathways 2.0 from Kendall Hunt
The books used in the units vary according to grade level, but after working through the Heroes unit for first grade, I have no doubt that all of the literature selections nicely shape the lessons for each unit and each grade.

Using Pathways 2.0 for Homeschooling

Pathways 2.0 is designed to be used in Christian schools and written from a Seventh Day Adventist worldview. If your family aligns with another denomination, no worries. Regardless of your denominational leanings or homeschool structure, this is an easily adaptable literature-based language arts option.

Although Pathways 2.0 is written with classrooms in mind, I find the Teachers Daily Lesson Guide to be extremely helpful for a homeschool setting. My guide introduces Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic woman to go into space and the current Director of the Johnson Space Center, the Bible verse connected to the unit (Philippians 4:13), and the specific faith components that are worked into the Heroes unit.

I found those details especially valuable because they helped me to know what to look for and draw out as I worked through the lessons with my daughter.

Literature-Based Language Arts with Pathways 2.0 from Kendall Hunt
The lesson guide also includes weekly overviews that provide a quick glance at the planned activities and needed resources used to cover each language arts component. The guide clearly lays out day-to-day logistics as well, making it perfect for the homeschool parent who prefers to follow a detailed plan rather than create one from scratch.

Literature-Based Language Arts with Pathways 2.0 from Kendall Hunt
Lastly, all of the worksheets and assessments used in the lessons are included in the back of the guide. Since those sheets are made to be copied as needed, it’s easy to use Pathways with other children in the same family. That means there’s no need to buy additional books — meaning, use more of your homeschool budget — in order to complete the lessons with multiple children.

Bottom Line: Pathways 2.0 is a wonderful language arts fit for a Christian homeschooling parent who thrives with a traditional curriculum structure, but also wants to embrace all that a literature-based learning has to offer.

Get Connected with Pathways 2.0

Want to learn more about literature-based language arts with Pathways 2.0? The Kendall Hunt website and their Pathways 2.0 brochure are a great place to start.

You can also learn more by connecting with Kendall Hunt on your favorite social media platforms. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Literature-Based Language Arts with Pathways 2.0 from Kendall Hunt
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