Letter of the Week Update: Q – U

Our Letter of the Week time is coming to a close and we’ve come a long way since January.  It doesn’t seem right that it’s almost over, though.

Letter of the Week Update - Q - U
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We’ve been using Kathy Hutto’s A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum to help us with our alphabet adventures, but some weeks we ventured out on our own.  Here’s a look at how we covered Q – U.

Letters Q & R

There’s not a whole lot to report here for these two weeks.  We covered Q and R as we moved and were busy unpacking.  We did cover them, but don’t have lots of photos or details to show for them.

A to Z had Quack Like a Duck as the theme for Q.  I wasn’t feeling it.  I ended up piecing together our Q Week and it worked out well for us.  For us, Q was for quail, quilt, and queen.

R is for Rainbow
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle was listed for R Week.  I wasn’t feeling that one either.  I don’t have anything against reducing, reusing, and recycling; I’m good with all three, but I couldn’t see myself building our week around it.  Also worth noting, I couldn’t round up enough resources to go with this theme.

Instead, we opted for rabbits and rainbows.  Prissy loves Peter Rabbit so this was a great time to break out some Peter Rabbit printables.  We also worked in rainbows via printables and Art for Kids Hub’s Rainbow for Young Artists.  That was Prissy’s first time using pastels and there was some adorable stuff happening that day!

Letter S

Letter of the Week Update - Letter S

S was for sunshine, Sofia, and snakes.  Surely I don’t have to say how excited she was to have Sofia worked into her schoolwork!  🙂  Now, if I weren’t such a rebel, we would’ve been covering the five senses through our A-Z Curriculum, but it is what it is.  I needed to skip it and go a different direction since it would come up again in our summer science focus.

Letter T

Letter of the Week Update - T is for Tiger

T was for tiger and transportation.  Our focus would’ve been on teeth had we followed our A to Z Curriculum.  I just couldn’t get through an entire week covering teeth and only teeth.

Letter U

Letter of the Week - U is for Underwear

U was for umbrellas, underwear and unicorns.  Such a lovely group of U words, right?  A to Z’s Letter U theme was umbrellas and other signs of spring.  At least I can say I followed along with our curriculum on this one!  We loved Letter U week: classics, craziness, and everything in between.  U was a fun week!

To sum it up, I wasn’t so great about following our A to Z Curriculum with this round of letters.  Thankfully I was able to use it as a foundation for our weeks and a guide to find resources that worked for us.

As far as finding those resources, we continued to use our local libraries and our favorite Letter of the Week resources to help us cover our letters.  Curriculum or no curriculum, Prissy still made lots of progress with these letters and moved along to the next round without any trouble.

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