Homeschooling Pre-Algebra & Beyond

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Something about homeschool and high school math seems unthinkable to many people. All homeschool parents aren’t math rockstars, but it’s pretty ridiculous that one of the biggest arguments against homeschooling is the possibility that our kids won’t have a chance to excel in the upper levels of math.

What the naysayers don’t understand is that you can successfully homeschool all levels of math —  or any other subject — without being an expert in that area.  Successful homeschooling is more about teaching kids to learn and equipping them with the right resources.  That’s why I’m looking ahead now for my 10 year-old and making our plans for pre-algebra and beyond.  Homeschooling Pre-Algebra and Beyond

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I’m planning for pre-algebra now because we had a rocky start with math. I started without a clear plan for math in the early grades and it took us years to recover.  My son is in a good place now, but I’ve learned the importance of planning ahead the hard way.

With the pressure of making up for our lost time, along with the pressure of preparing him for college and his future career, I’m relieved to know that I don’t have to make all of this happen on my own. I’m learning more and more about our options for high school math and, let me tell you, we’re going to be fine.  Here’s what we’re considering as we prepare for homeschooling pre-algebra.

Preparing for Homeschooling Pre-Algebra

I’ve got a few things to consider as I finalize our plans for homeschooling pre-algebra. For one, my daughter is in her early learning years and needs lots of one-on-one time from me.  That means I have to work diligently at dividing my time between her and my ten year-old.  Pulling off two lengthy math lessons each day may prove to be unrealistic.

I’m also looking at my son’s middle school years as a good time to transition to independent learning. I’ll still be around to help as needed, but outsourcing pre-algebra is appealing because he would be able to ease into independent learning by starting with this one class.

Homeschooling Pre-Algebra and Beyond

Lastly, I have to consider the importance of pre-algebra.  I need him to have the confidence needed to tackle algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and the not-so homeschool-friendly standardized tests that he’ll encounter as a high school student.  I want our time homeschooling pre-algebra to give him the foundation he needs for upper level math.

These are the primary reasons online math classes are a great solution to homeschooling pre-algebra. By opting for live, online classes for my son’s pre-algebra needs, he’ll gain some independence in his homeschooling, receive a solid high school math foundation, and I’ll be able to give my daughter the one-on-one time she needs.

Homeschooling Pre-Algebra … and Beyond

One great option for outsourcing pre-algebra is Mr. D Math.  Mr. D Math is the brainchild of Dennis DiNoia, a high school math teacher who left the public school system to create an online curriculum for high school math.  Through this online curriculum, Mr. D teaches math in a way that students understand and even leads them to connect math principles to everyday life.

While there are plenty of other high school math options for homeschool families, this is our front-runner. Other online curriculum options may use video, but lack interaction and support.  When it comes to high school math, there comes a point where simply watching a video and taking a test may not be enough for all students.

Instead of relying exclusively on video lessons, enrollment also includes weekly sessions for students to ask questions and work through trouble areas with the Mr. D Math teaching staff.  That’s a huge selling point for me!  I love knowing that we aren’t on our own if my son has difficulty with a concept.

I also love knowing that his time with Mr. D doesn’t have to stop with pre-algebra.  He can get comfortable and grow as a student because Mr. D Math has a lot to offer.  In addition to homeschooling pre-algebra this way, we can outsource these classes through Mr. D Math:

I’m grateful that we as homeschoolers have access to resources like these. Indeed, I know that we’ll be in good hands when it’s time for pre-algebra and beyond and I’m not worried at all!

Homeschooling Pre-Algebra and Beyond

Interested in learning more about this great solution to high school math?  Fall classes start August 22, 2016; you can visit the Mr. D Math website for enrollment details.  Also, don’t forget to get connected with Mr. D by following along on social media: Facebook / Twitter / YouTube.

Are you looking ahead to pre-algebra or the upper levels of math? What are you doing to prepare now?

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2 thoughts on “Homeschooling Pre-Algebra & Beyond

  1. This year I’ll have one in pre-algebra and two in algebra, although they’re not using the same algebra curriculum! So far we’ve been okay with the higher maths, as I know that Khan academy is only a click away!

    1. I’m super impressed that you’ve got all of that higher level math going on … and that they aren’t all using the same curriculum! Gosh, aren’t you thankful that we have so many resources available to us?

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