A Quick and Easy Way to Tackle High School Science Labs in Your Homeschool

Not sure how to handle high school science labs from home? I found a solution that makes it quick and easy, but still provides valuable hands-on experience.

The best part is you don’t have to buy tons of lab equipment or store upcoming dissection projects in your refrigerator. Sounds great, right?

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You may remember hearing about College Prep Science and the online classes they offer when I shared some thoughts about outsourcing high school science.

While I still think those online classes are a fantastic option for outsourcing science, I was especially excited to learn of College Prep Science’s in-person science labs. Here’s why:

Why High School Science Labs Aren’t So Easy for Homeschoolers

I wholeheartedly believe it’s possible to homeschool any subject and give your kids a solid foundation in every area, but I also acknowledge that some areas are downright difficult to pull off in a homeschool environment.

Science labs fall into that category.

The never-gonna-happen homeschool science lab choices

1. Science labs at home

Let’s face it, it’s not always practical (or possible) to facilitate science demonstrations from our kitchens, at least not in a way that will truly help our high school students.

But yes, we could technically satisfy any science lab requirements at home. Could is the key word.

I could reconfigure my homeschool budget and find new nooks and crannies to store tons of new lab supplies. I could also store specimens in my fridge for limited amounts of time.

You know, now that I’m envisioning a fetal pig on the same shelf with my yogurt, I’m not sure I’m interested in science labs at home. Surely there’s another way.

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2. Science labs at co-op

What can’t be done at home can always be done through co-op, right?

Technically I could also meet any science lab requirements through our local co-op. The problem, however, is that my high schooler loathes the mandatory science curriculum our co-op uses. In fact, he shuts down at the mere mention of the company. It’s really that bad, folks.

My son’s aversion to this particular science curriculum is another reason I’m so grateful for College Prep Science and their Two-Day Science Lab Intensives.

A Quick and Easy Way to Tackle High School Science Labs in Your Homeschool

The Easier Way: College Prep Science’s Two-Day In-Person Lab Intensives

I love knowing we’re not stuck doing science labs at home or through co-op. Better yet, I love knowing we can log a complete year of science labs in two days through these Two-Day Science Labs!

Two-Day Homeschool Science Lab Overview

Now that you know why these are such a great option for high school level science labs, here’s a quick overview of College Prep Science’s Two-Day Lab Intensives:

  • There are two labs offered: Biology/Anatomy & Physiology and Chemistry
  • All labs are taught from a Christian worldview.
  • Labs are usually offered in fall and spring.
  • There are 15 locations across the United States.
  • Tuition covers registration and all supplies needed for the lab.
  • There are no prerequisite courses required to attend the labs.
  • Each lab intensive is equal to one year (or one lab credit for transcript purposes).
  • Labs are high school level, but are open to 7th and 8th grade students also.
A Quick and Easy Way to Tackle High School Science Labs in Your Homeschool

Upcoming Lab Dates & Registration

Ready to see the dates and locations for the upcoming Two-Day Lab Intensives? Head to College Prep Science to get all the details and register your student.

Lastly, be sure to enter to win an online science class from College Prep Science while you’re viewing those dates and lab options! 🙂

Win an online homeschool science class from College Prep Science!

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